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Wait Until You See the REPUGNANT Pro-Hitler Ads Running Before Trump’s Campaign Content

The Trump campaign isn’t happy with the video platform Rumble because it keeps running Trump campaign ads ahead of a video posted by Stew Peters, who’s an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist creepo who has praised Adolf Hitler and interviewed white nationalist Nick Fuentes on his show on Rumble. Well heck, Trump shouldn’t mind Fuentes being a guest on the show, since Fuentes and also notably anti-Semitic rapper Kanye shared Thanksgiving with him at Mar-a-Lago last November.

Seems to me that the campaign ads and Stew Peters posting should fit together like a glove, but that’s not how the campaign sees it. Suddenly, even though Donald Trump has also lauded Hitler, his campaign is all out of sorts with Rumble playing the campaign ad in the lead-up to a video where Peters calls Hitler a “hero,” Mediaite reports.

Rolling Stone reports that a Trump campaign ad appearing on Rumble has been seen before the video of Peters idolizing Hitler for presiding over mass book burnings in the 1930s.

One promo for Peters’s show features an anti-Semitic cartoon that asks “Why do Jews push pornography & degeneracy on our children” (Gee, I thought it was Republicans doing that), but he continues to claim that Nazis were “pushed to their breaking point” by Jews.

In a promo for Peters’s show featuring an anti-Semitic cartoon asking “Why do Jews push pornography & degeneracy on our children?” he claimed that the Nazis were “pushed to their breaking point” by Jews.

“They did exactly what reasonable people would do,” argued Peters of the Nazis.

Really “Reasonable” people gas innocent adults and children in gas chambers, pull out their gold teeth, make lampshades out of their skin, and then burn them in ovens? Really? Where the hell have I been?

That is the opposite of “reasonable.” That is cruelly barbaric.

Now, Trump and his minions are quite fond of fascism, but apparently not that fond. On X, Right Wing Watch notes:

“Trump campaign ads are being run before segments from “The Stew Peters Show” on Rumble. Just last week, Peters produced this promo video in which he overtly and explicitly praises the Nazis.”

Over the last 24 hours, Peters has become even more disgusting, claiming that “Jewish Law Requires Women to Take Their Dirty Panties to a Rabbi for INSPECTION” and even asked Israel’s official X account why it loves “gang rape and feces eating.”

The Trump campaign, asked about the ad appearing before Peters’s revolting video, offered up a nothingburger statement:

“We aren’t picking any particular video or channel to run ads on, and we are not given visibility into every single ad that is served during every video. Rumble is ultimately responsible for the ads that are served on any given video on their platform.”

You’d think the Trump campaign would be ashamed and embarrassed to run ads on a video platform that airs disgusting commercials like this. But then they are all a bunch of fascists hiding behind the flag, so why not make a half-a$$ed effort to make it look like you’re upset when you really aren’t? Rolling Stone provided some evidence for the Trump camp’s explanation for the pairing by noting the words “generic,” “rumble,” and “video,” all are in the fundraising URL embedded in the ad.

Maybe the Trump campaign should introduce a new slogan: “Donald Trump, introducing people to fascism since 2016. That seems fitting, especially since the campaign is obviously not all that bothered by these horribly fascist and anti-Semitic ads.

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