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Candace Owens Gets Extra Nasty and Launches Attack Against ‘Clinically Obese’ Meghan McCain

Ooh, this ought to be fun. And not only is it fun, it’s totally effing insane too. It started when Candace Owens got into a spat with Ben Domenech, husband of Meghan McCain on social media. After the argument, Owens decided to call Meghan McCain “clinically obese,” which I’m sure McCain is just going to love, and the silly argument began after Domenech, editor-at-large for The Spectator World accused Owens of “blood libel” because she recently liked a post on X that suggested a rabbi was “drunk on Christian blood.”

Now I did say this is effing insane right?

According to Newsweek, comedian Dave Smith and Domenech were riffing on Owens, with Smith telling Domenech that “giving the slightest bit of a charitable interpretation makes this nothing. Going off a Twitter like (not even a retweet) let alone the person’s actual words, is a ridiculous standard. Especially when the person in question has spoken at length about this issue.”

And on March 22, the Daily Wire announced it had parted company with Owens. The platform didn’t elaborate on the reasons, but it has been widely documented in the months following the Israel-Hamas war that Owens and the Daily Wire’s editor emeritus, Ben Shapiro had been arguing over their opposing views on the conflict.

Owens has been subjected to plenty of criticism from her fellow conservatives because she has spoken out against Israel during its ongoing war with Hamas. This may be the only time I’m on the same page with Owens. As you probably know, Hamas attacked southern Israel last October, but Israel has responded savagely, destroying much of Gaza in retaliatory strikes, and huge numbers of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents have been forced to flee their homes.

Health officials in Gaza estimate that more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began its retaliatory strikes. Israeli officials report that roughly 1200 people were killed in the initial attacks by Hamas.

It’s long past time for Israel to quit committing these atrocities against innocent, and frankly, Owens is correct here. Even if she is an idiot.


Smith and Domenech continued their online beef, with Domenech responding to one of Smith’s posts regarding Owensby saying “I see no reason to be charitable to Candace, who has been nothing but vile to my family.”

“Ok fine,” Smith fired back, “but then you’re admitting that this is a personal emotional beef for you.”

“You’re publicly calling someone antisemitic when she was clearly just like a tweet that defended her against lies being spread. For those of us looking at this through sober eyes, can you see where this is grasping at straws?”

Domenech noted that it is “not news that I despise Candace, I’ve been criticizing her for 3+ years.”

In his reply, Domenech noted that it is “not news that I despise Candace, I’ve been criticizing her for 3+ years.”

“I think her embrace of antisemitism started with the Ye [Kanye West] defense, and wrote about it at the time,” Domenech wrote. “A Like is barely anything by comparison. You’re a serious person who I disagree with; she’s just a professional grifter. I don’t respect trolls.”

Things got even spicier when Owens discovered Domenech’s post. She fired back: “Despise? LOL you’re a 42 year old married man. Why do you feel this passionately about me? The feeling is not mutual, you’re too pathetic to despise.”


But why quit there? Owens also noted in the tweet:

“You’re upset because when your wife was publicly shaming ‘anti-vaxxers’ (namely Joe Rogan) for not receiving the Covid vax, I told her the truth: no sensible person should be taking advice from a clinically obese woman over Joe Rogan regarding health.”

“I do get your infatuation with me however. My opinions tend to age well,” Owens said in a follow-up post. “I bet anyone who listened to your wife and got the vaccine wishes they had instead listened to Joe Rogan.”

And things went even further downhill from there. In a follow up post, Owens snapped” “Benny McCain literally married into military industrial complex money. Any person speaking out against Muslims dying is not going to be on his good side.”

So then Domenech fired back:

“Candace is a garbage grifter. No one serious in politics or media respects her, including her former colleagues and employees, who despise her. And my wife’s money comes from selling beer, which is great.”

Fight! Fight!

Meghan McCain is the daughter of the late senator and Vietnam war vet John McCain and his wife, Cindy McCain, whose father was the wealth beer distributor Jim Hensley.

Newsweek contacted Owens for comment, and she explained in a statement: “As Ben McCain admitted yesterday on Twitter, he and his wife have bizarrely led a campaign against me online for over three years because he ‘despises’ me.”

“The root of this conflict lies in Meghan’s attack on Joe Rogan and me for our cautious stance on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. I warned my followers against taking medical advice from people like Meghan, who certainly does not appear to be particularly health-focused. In the end, I was correct. Many people regretted getting the vaccine, and Meghan and Ben have spent a significant portion of their lives quite childishly tweeting about me ever since.”

While the vaccines did have some drawbacks ( my sister developed a blood clot in her leg and had to have it removed). But that said, the vaccines undoubtedly saved many lives ( in fact, according to the National Institutes of Health the vaccines prevented an estimated 14.4 million deaths), so Owens and Rogan are flat-out wrong here.

To her credit, she  also posted this:

But as HuffPost notes, Owens is a far-right conspiracy theorist. She has indeed embraced some really nutty theories:

Including: Embracing a conspiracy that there is a “small ring” of “Hollywood” Jews who “will kill people before they allow that ring to be exposed.”

She’s also spread a theory about Jews being “drunk on Christian blood,” a reference to a false, anti-semitic trope that’s been around for centuries.

Owens has also been claiming she believes France’s first lady is actually a man.

So, y’know. She’s a nutball. But even nutballs get things right occasionally.

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