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Kyle Rittenhouse Did So Poorly on USMC Entrance Exam That He’s ‘PERMANENTLY’ Banned From Applying Again

Well, one thing we know, the U.S. Marine Corps is not looking for homicidal miscreants. Actually, we knew that already. If you qualify for any of the United States military services, you’re doing better than most.

But Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t better than most. At the very least, he is not proficient when it comes to the scores required to enter the United States Marine Corps. Granted, he took the test six months before he shot and killed two men – perhaps he was trying to prove he had the right stuff. (THAT is total speculation).

But with respect to the military figuring out early, that Rittenhouse just wasn’t their type – that’s a good thing. I would hazard a guess that it’s a good thing to most MAGAs if you could give them truth serum. After all, as an immature 17-year-old, he took a gun looking for trouble, the same gun that the military meticulously and harshly trains its troops on their use before such a gun is handed out.

The single last thing the Marine Corps needs is people looking for trouble. They are in the business of preventing trouble and protecting U.S. citizens and freedom.

So, Kyle, ain’t it.

Indeed, he was “far below” what they required. Don’t breathe too deeply, many of us wouldn’t be what they’re looking for either. That’s a good thing. Our services are in good shape because they get some of the best people. But Kyle was so far below USMC requirements that he was banned from even APPLYING again. That’s pretty bad…for Kyle. And good for the United States.

Well, that settles that. “Far below” generally means you’re not going to study yourself up and take that hill. As always, we have to remind people that Kyle Rittenhouse is NOT a murderer. “Murder” is a legal term of art requiring a premeditating killing (First Degree). Kyle Rittenhouse committed homicide, which is causing the death of another human being.

We need to get that right because the net can be counted on to get it wrong.

Of course, don’t forget who Rittenhouse blamed for all his misfortunes:


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