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Lara Trump Is Eviscerated Online After Telling Poor Trump Supporters to ‘Save Up’ Money to Send to Trump’s Campaign

I can't imagine her doing anything different.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, AKA The Dumbest Trump, is notorious for a number of things. From her silicone lips to her unauthorized cover — no, wait, TWO covers — of a beloved classic rock song, Lara is proving to the world why she landed Eric.

But since she’s become the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, her particular brand of stupid has been off the charts.

Replacing Ronna Romney is no small feat. She was impressively dumb. But Michael Whatley and Lara Trump have been impressively dumber. I think there might be a movie about that.

But while Ronna’s major fault was that she was so obeisant to Donald Trump that she stopped using the name “Romney” because Trump didn’t like her dad, Lara’s is that she’s actually a Trump.

And that means she wants your money. Not her specifically; she means to have you donate to the RNC.

But even Donald should blush at her latest pitch for cash.

After Lara’s foray into pop music was embraced by Republicans through streaming services, I’m pretty sure she thought she could just do anything and get people’s money. Now, she thinks that if you don’t have money — for groceries, maybe — you should save what you do have to contribute to the RNC in the future.

Check out this ridiculous video:

“But if you can even give us five bucks” while you’re struggling to pay rent in a country where the minimum wage in every state is too little to afford a two-bedroom apartment is just ridiculous.

The lengths to which the Republicans, and more specifically, the Trumps will go to empty your wallet are incredible.

At least they’re not begging you for money for a wall that they said another country would pay for. But still, Lara’s pitch seems more than just pathetic. It seems desperate. How does the Party that believes they are the saviors of the country still believe that they can “Make America Great Again” if they have to beg for your money?

People on X/Twitter were really angry:

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