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MAGA Gov. Kristi Noem Is Now Banished From 10 Percent of Her Own State, ‘She’s Been Notified Not to Trespass’

The South Dakota Governor and potential running mate for Donald Trump seems to be on quite a roll when it comes to p*ssing people off. Kristi Noem has been so good at this in fact, that she’s now legally barred from visiting 10 percent of the lands in her home state. If she’s caught on any of these lands she can even be legally thrown out.

Noem did a bang-up job of offending the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council, which voted Tuesday to formally banish her from its reservation thanks to offensive public statements she recently made suggesting, among other things, that Native American tribal leaders are in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels, according to the Daily Beast. The governor also recently criticized Native American parents by claiming they aren’t involved enough in their children’s lives and blamed them for poor academic performance in tribal areas.

Considering she says such glaringly obnoxious things like this it’s understandable that she’s not on any tribal welcoming committees.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is the third Lakota tribe in the state to declare their lands off-limits to her. She was banished by the Oglala Sioux on March 18 and banned by the Cheyenne River Sioux on April 5. Fortunately, the State of South Dakota doesn’t have criminal jurisdiction over any of its nine indigenous American reservations. Frankly, that’s how it should be for all 50 states period.

But that’s just me.

“Noem has been notified not to trespass,” a spokesperson for the Lakota People’s Law Project told The Daily Beast regarding the Standing Rock Sioux banishment. “The tribe has the right to remove her if she were to trespass.”

But rather than be contrite for her racist statements, Noem is digging in her heels.

“Banishing Governor Noem does nothing to solve the problem. She calls on all our tribal leaders to banish the cartels from tribal lands,” said her spokesman Ian Fury in an email to Daily Beast.

And the combined lands where Noem is no longer allowed inside are quite sizable, making up 10 percent of South Dakota’s 75, 789.6 square miles of land area, according to Lakota Law Director Chase Iron Eyes.

“It’s not acceptable for Kristi Noem to lie repeatedly, stoke further division, and endanger the people of the sovereign nations which pre-exist the United States and South Dakota, which have illegally annexed and occupied sovereign territory of the Oceti Sakowin,” Iron Eyes said in a statement.

This type of banishment is a “rare but serious form of punishment,” said Standing Rock Sioux Chairwoman Janet Alkire. Tribes were granted the ability to implement banishment by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 and tribal courts are mandated to uphold this. Alkire notes that Noem has the right to appeal her banishment in tribal court.

In her own statement, Alkire described Noem’s remarks as “wild and irresponsible,” and called them “a sad reflection of her fear-based politics that do nothing to bring people together to solve problems.”

“Rather than make uninformed and unsubstantiated claims, Noem should work with tribal leaders to increase funding and resources for tribal law enforcement and education,” Alkire added.

The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is in the center north part of the state, and also is partially in North Dakota. Noem better watch out as there are many reservations in her state, and others could do the same and banish her from their land.

The Standing Rock Sioux, the Oglala Sioux, the Cheyenne River Sioux, the Rosebud Sioux, and the Crow Creek Sioux are calling on Noem to apologize. Which she might do in an attempt to brown-nose Trump. But since she’s done things like introduce a measure to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in K through 12th-grade classrooms, which fortunately failed to pass the legislature in 2022, we can safely assume she’s a racist fool.

I’m guessing tribal representatives aren’t holding their collective breath waiting for this apology. And to think Trump may choose this rabidly racist woman as his running mate. If this happens and he’s elected we’ll have a racist-in-chief, and a VP racist.


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