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That Birthday Message Trump Sent to Melania on Truth Social? It Had ‘Nothing to Do With Her’

Donald Trump made a typical Donald Trump move last week over Melania Trump’s birthday, using her birthday to further his own legal interests. He even touted the House GOP’s latest report put out amid his trial and then complained that it came out on his birthday.

Shortly after, Stephanie Grisham appeared on CNN to be interviewed by Erin Burnett regarding how Grisham believed Melania Trump feels about being amidst the trial and especially about using her birthday to further his legal interest.

Grisham told CNN’s Erin Burnett:

“I am sure she is not happy about it. Make no mistake — she is not sitting home crying over this, but like any woman would be, any married woman or woman in a relationship, it’s not fun to hear these details.

Melania certainly withstood the initial revelation with no public reaction, and we can’t really know her private thoughts because she notoriously guards her privacy. But even if Melania suspected her husband had one-night stands, having one splashed on tabloids had to hurt and embarrass her. When it comes to emotions, hurt + embarrassment = anger, at least in the vast majority of women.

This sounds right on.

I think the difference between Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels is that Karen McDougal hasn’t been really out there in the news, she says they had a yearlong relationship, they exchanged I love you’s. I don’t care who you are — that is never going to be fun for you to hear.”

McDougal is totally different for two important reasons.

First, her affair had largely fallen off the public’s radar and thus probably caused Melania less embarrassment and anger. It likely fell slightly off her own radar.

Second, now that it’s back in the limelight, this is the case where there was an ongoing affair, which implies at least some sort of emotional bond. The only thing worse than a cheating one-night stand is a long-term sexual and emotional bond – now that relationship is also front and center.

We can’t know.

With regard to Trump using the report during his press conference, Grisham was harder on Trump for using the files as a media prop, stating that the hurt feelings over the affairs may have been “fairly normal” in any long-term marriage. But this was a political stunt made to assuage the elusive college-educated suburban women – whom Trump has had so much trouble winning over their vote.

In that sense, for Melania, it would be less about hurt feelings and more about feeling used. We regularly take Melania to task every time she deserves to be ripped, but she doesn’t deserve any of this. On this particular subject, she has been the victim in every sense.

Speaking of senses, Melania seems to have a sixth sense in that she understands Trump at a level few others do. She is a Trump in every way, and that means a willingness to take advantage of every opening and twisting it to her advantage.

But with respect to this subject? One can hardly blame her.

Here is Grisham, talking Melania:

YouTube video

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