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Trump Just Posted Such a Sick Photo on Truth Social That a MAGA Said, ‘He May Just Lose My Vote Over This’

Last week, NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller was tragically killed during an encounter with a known criminal who – according to reports, was seen with a likely firearm in his hoodie just prior to the incident.

Diller, who was shot at “point blank range” according to The New York Times, engaged in what has to be one of the most dangerous situations an officer can face, trying to detain a person who refuses to open a car door or window. Officer Diller left behind a 29-year-old widow and a one-year-old son.

The situation was tragic enough. People in political office owe the fallen their condolences and recognition of the tragedy, as President Biden did on Saturday. Spokesperson Karin Jean-Pierre stated:

President Biden spoke to Mayor Adams and gave his condolences about the tragic killing of Officer Jonathan Diller. The President offered Mayor Adams, the city of New York, and the New York Police Department his full support in the wake of the tragedy.

Donald Trump had every right to speak on the issue, too. But he took a different tone. Trump attended the wake and rightly said: “It’s hard to explain how beautiful it was. It was sad, horrible in so many ways, but the family – so many police officers in the family – Stephanie was incredible.”

There were also reports that Trump received a standing ovation when he entered the funeral home, and witnesses said that it was definitely unlike any wake they had ever attended before. Wakes are normally very quiet and solemn events. But if Trump wants applause, a solemn wake certainly won’t stop him. Trump also posted photos from the wake where he was wearing his big goofy smile:

It is hard to imagine the painful beauty in the number of officers who show up to honor their fallen brothers and sisters. After describing Diller’s murder, Trump again renewed his calls for the mandatory death penalty for people who kill members of law enforcement.

It probably sounds right to Diller’s family and his fellow officers. It would feel right to me if something happened to a member of my family. But we don’t have mandatory death penalties in this country for a host of reasons. Sometimes, there are mitigating factors, all of which can be determined by a judge and jury – people who tend to know who the real bad guys are. Well, and the death penalty is wrong, period. The state has the right to punish, not to kill.

There is also the fact that the death penalty has never been proven to deter crimes – the one aspect that absolutely does deter crime is the likelihood of being caught. But to some politicians, it sounds good and tough, except countries that sound good and tough often let their mandatory executions drift into other areas.

To make matters even worse, Trump posted a picture of Diller’s coffin on his Truth Social account, one that had a “Trump” MAGA sticker on it. If the family put the sticker on – fine, the family gets to bury their loved one however they want. But Trump shouldn’t have posted it. That was disgusting. This was a private moment, the actual burial of their loved one. Of course Trump doesn’t care, and his supporters will love it…well, most of them.

First, here is Trump’s post:

The photo was being discussed on America’s digital town square, X/Twitter, and one Trump supporter had this to say about the photo: “He may just lose my vote over this”. WOW! A Trump supporter with morals? I’m…hopeful?

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