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Americans Convinced Trump’s Losing His Mind After He Was Spotted Saluting Everything in Sight at NASCAR Event

This man is ridiculous.

We already knew that Trump knew nothing about politics before deciding Republicans were easiest to part from their money.

I mean, he knew in the sense of “how to read a room” and behave correctly, but even that, he didn’t care about. But his depth of knowledge about our history or traditions is so shallow that you know he knows nothing about governing.

In fact, you probably could’ve gotten that just from observing his failed businesses.

But when he attended a NASCAR event on Sunday, he really put his ignorance on display. He just kept saluting. Saluting everything. Saluting during a rendition pf “Amazing Grace,” saluting as a plane flew overhead, just saluting random people.

For the record, Memorial Day is specific to the armed forces of the United States, honoring the sacrifice of those who died defending the country from fascists like Donald Trump. Their families as well, of course, since they sacrificed their child, but primarily about memorializing the dead.

Hence the name.

Originally called “Decoration Day,” the holiday comes on the first Monday in May. That means that poor Marjorie Taylor Greene couldn’t help it that her 50th birthday lined up with a pretty solemn federal holiday, but she did decide to post some bikini pics.

But Trump doesn’t get ignorance or just plain stupidity as an excuse.

He is the ex-president of the United States. It is incumbent upon him to know what he’s saluting. That’s why the video you’ll see below is so embarrassing.

In it, you can see him spinning like a top, hand just super-glued to his forehead for everything. But the irony here is that this is a man who insulted one of America’s most famous prisoners of war, John McCain.

A man who, when his ex-general chief of staff brought out a disable veteran to speak at an event who was disfigured by war, he said “Nobody wants to see that.”

He’s called them suckers and losers and denigrated them at every turn.

Then Cadet Bone Spurs is going to turn around saluting everything in sight, as though he didn’t get 5 military deferments to keep him from the draft?

That’s as disrespectful as it gets. Watch:

Take a look at how people responded:

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