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Barron Trump’s Voice Heard for First Time and It’s Rather Shocking How ‘Trump-Like’ it Is

Of course he sounds like him. How could he not?

Really, all we were hoping for is that Barron Trump wouldn’t BE like his dad.

But as it turns out, he’s been groomed for politics, and his voice is so close to his father’s, it’s uncanny. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a child with a deep baritone voice like my own. We used to meet in the kitchen for a deep voice face-off in the morning before Malachi went to school.

But to sound like Donald Trump is something else entirely.

Because it’s not about accent or timbre or colloquialisms. If you sound like Donald Trump, you’ve been schooled at the altar of Donald Trump. If you “sound like” a knob-end, you probably are one.

And I don’t mean to be a knob-end myself, but Barron, having come of age, is as fair game as Junior or Eric, Ivanka or Tiffany.

Barron only recently turned 18, after having been shielded from the public eye by his mother. And with good reason. His father was impeached twice, each time for more than sufficient reasons.

But we’ve never heard him speak.

The youngest Trump’s mellifluous voice has been shielded from us for a long time, and finally, he’s on video speaking, And speak he does. His reflective low tenor is the stuff of legends.

Ooh-wee-oh, he sounds just like Buddy Holly. Or his dad.

All of this is on the heels of finding out that he’ll be a delegate for his father. There has long been speculation as to whether the only child of Donald and Melania would enter politics at all, as his older brothers have at LEAST gone into advocating for their dad.

It’s not hard to imagine that the six-foot-seven teenager has a low voice — one might expect it, in fact — but the sound of Barron, so named for the fictional character that his father used to portray when he would call in to radio shows to say nice things abut himself, was startling for many.

Especially for one X user (I’m over the formerly Twitter thing, so get used to it), who was elated to upload a video of the young man:

In no way do I mean to pick on a still-teen boy. But he dove in feet first, and opened himself to all the naysayers. Have fun, Barron!

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