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Guess Who DOESN’T Have a Gag Order? Stormy Daniels…and She’s Ready to Troll Trump to the Extreme

Good on her. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Everyone knows that the gag order imposed in the current case against Donald Trump is because he has a history of attacking judges and clerks and even witnesses.

The judge in his current criminal case actually issued it preemptively. He knew that Trump would not be able to control himself, and that he would try to say things in public that would cause his fans to seek vengeance against those who have accused him (of the crimes he committed).

But the focal point of this trial, Stormy Daniels (AKA Stephanie Clifford), has no such restrictions. That’s possibly because of free speech, but most likely because Trump uses his free speech to get his followers to attack his opponents.

She does not.

She uses it for snark. And she wasn’t short on that on Thursday, when she took the stand. She gave what even Judge Juan Merchan, no fan of Trump, felt was too much information.

But is that what it’s going to take? Do we have to sit and listen to an adult film star describe Trump’s penis? And then do we have to watch as he shows it to the court?

His 34 + felony counts notwithstanding, Trump is in a bit of a hullaballoo. Does he dare pull his penis out in public so that the prosecution can confirm its identity?

Again. I mean. We’ve already confirmed the details of his nether regions in court.

Adult film actress and director Stormy Daniels leaves the Manhattan courthouse in New York, US on May 9, 2024. Photo – Charly Triballeau, AFP

Stormy Daniels trolling Trump has honestly been the highlight of my day.

The thing is, how is he going to avoid this going forward? With NDA checks? With secret handshakes and understandings? Can Trump deflect it all?

Here’s the real question: Has he even THOUGHT about how his behavior now is going to play out on the world stage? Because he’s not doing much better than when he was cheating on Melania while she was pregnant with his child.

…she said, while taking fire from his insane followers. I wish more of us could be more like Stormy and less like Trump.

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