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Mary Trump Reveals How Fred Trump Basically Destroyed His Son Donald, ‘Donald’s Entire Story Has Been One Big Lie’

Mary Trump has a special insight not just as a family member, but as a shrink.

It’s hard to imagine someone more qualified to analyze the inner workings of Donald Trump than his niece Mary.

Not only is she a member of the family — the daughter of Trump’s brother, Fred Junior — but she is also a psychologist. If there’s anyone MORE qualified, I can’t think who it might be.

Maybe his son Barron, perhaps in a few years, when he realizes his father named him for the fictional identity he used to call into radio shows to say nice things about Donald Trump.

But Donald’s deep-seeded neuroses come from his desire for approval, says Mary.

And not just from his father, who gave Donald the bulk of the inheritance since Mary’s father, her grandfather’s namesake, went on to be a lowly airline pilot instead of a real estate magnate who refused to rent to black people.

Donald has been this way throughout his life, culminating in his unabashed lying to the public for popularity among those dumb enough to believe his lies.

On social media, Mary posted “As a kid, Donald was forced to become his own cheerleader—first, because he needed his father to believe he was a better and more confident son than his older brother (my father) Freddy was, and finally because he began to believe his own hype, even as he paradoxically suspected on a very deep level that nobody else did.”

And that’s the thing: It’s not like we don’t ALL want approval from our family and friends, peers and coworkers. It’s that we don’t have such an inflated ego that we end up abandoning our beliefs — remember, Donald was once an atheist who was pro-choice and anti-gun — to run for the highest position in the land, because we bought into our own nonsense.

I bet it’s hard for Trump’s family to watch him descend into madness this way.

In Mary’s words:

“Donald’s entire story has been one big lie. Every lie that is exposed reveals Donald to be the small, insecure man he always has been. We must expose him more—the stakes are too high.

No one knows how Donald came to be who he is better than his own family. And unfortunately, most of them remain silent out of loyalty or fear. I’m not hindered by either of those.

In addition to the firsthand accounts I can give as my father’s daughter and my uncle’s only niece, I have the perspective of a trained clinical psychologist. The truth about Donald must be told, and I am the only Trump willing to tell it.”

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