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Melania Trump Has No Shame: She’s Now Being Accused of ‘Profiting Off Dead Veterans’

I'm starting to understand why she hasn't left that cheater – She's awful, too.

Melania Trump has long traded on her own image — sometimes in a rather racy way, but always about money.

But now that she’s married to an ex-president, with whom she spent four years as First Lady, she has a platform for making even more money. And her latest venture has some people pretty disgusted.

Her stunt over the Memorial Day observance is the lowest of the low. I mean, we all know that she didn’t come up with the idea herself. But the fact that she was willing to follow through with it is pretty much just as bad.

She re-posted a link to her Instagram for a product from her “Fortitude Collection,” a necklace with a pendant available in two qualities — crappy, and slightly less crappy — at corresponding price points. The first is $125, the second $175.

But it was the nature and timing of the product that made people angry. They’re “patriotic” in nature, depicting our national bird, the bald eagle, on one, and a soldier in front of a waving flag on the other. Each is available in both qualities.

The Instagram post shows both models spinning as they go through the different finishes, the cheaper one stainless steel, the more expensive gold-plated.

On the website where they’re sold, it says “The Fortitude Collection celebrates our service members, our Nation, and our freedom. The site also says the designs can be “engrafted with names, initials, significant dates, and symbols to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.”

Nice. Way to cash in on the dead soldiers on Memorial Day, grifter.

This woman and her husband are detestable in the extreme. We may have thought that the Trump brand would die out after we saw him bankrupt three casinos, or when he failed to sell steaks, vodka, ties, and diplomas.

Maybe when his name was being pried off the side of hotels his management company used to oversee.

But the proof is in: They do not stop trying to part fools and their money. They know their base, and they exploit them every day, sometimes just to pay Donald’s legal bills.

Sometimes they exploit soldiers, too, apparently.

The responses on Instagram were rightfully brutal:

“Melania Trump, SHAME ON YOU FOR profiting off dead veterans. Sneakers, Bibles, Now this.”

“SHILLING off of our dead veterans, disgusting. And not a DIME will go to any actual charities. If it did you guys would take most of the money.”

“This is beyond reprehensible- my father and uncle fought in WWII they fought for democracy- the very thing your grifter family is trying hard to destroy!”

“What a cheap piece of tat. Using the armed forces to grift money from people! Its shameless. Did Donny not give you the deal you wanted on your renewed prenup?”

“Please don’t insult veterans, when your married to a draft dodger”

“Melanie you stole Michelle Obama’s speech, you ripped out the beautiful rose garden,you complained about having to do any work as the first wife and you did not even want to decorate the White House. Now you want to steal veteran’s money and people that believe these crap necklaces are a good value. TEMU IS BETTER”

“Are you donating the money to Wounded Warrior or another group that helps veterans? No,right? It’s going to pay your husband’s legal fees.”

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