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People Concerned After Sweaty Mike Lindell Twitches and Shakes and Struggles to Get Through Speech at Trump Rally

The thing is, Mike Lindell has a fantastic story to tell, one full of hope, life, love, and spirit. He was a very wealthy man who used to give tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars to programs that helped addicts. He would not only donate money, but he would speak to them and treat them as family.

In a way, they were family, and Mike Lindell was a brother. He himself was a former crack addict who not only cleaned himself up but formed a multi-multi-million dollar business with a large fraction of those funds going to help those who were two steps behind him – but moving.

Now, there is a genuine concern, not faux delight or schadenfreude, that Mike Lindell may be slipping back into the throws of addiction.

It is absolutely impossible to tell with any certainty. That needs to be said upfront, but there are many on the net who are now speculating because of what they perceive to be evidence seen in pictures.

On many occasions, he hasn’t looked well. There could be a lot of innocent explanations. But there are incidents in which there are few other explanations, and one just hopes and hopes that he hasn’t relapsed.

Here is the latest tweet making the rounds:

Well, one can argue about the most courageous man and a bucket of common sense. One just hopes that Lindell gets his energy from God and watching Trump. And nothing more.

The net wasn’t as kind as we always are:

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