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Trump Just Posted Something So Embarrassing That It Appears He’s Possibly Lost His Mind

It is a testament to the echo chambers in which we all live – or at least from which we get our preferred news slant – that we owe Donald Trump’s explanation for another attempt at branding Joe Biden as “Sleepy Joe” and it may not be the best nickname to bring up this week.

Evidently, Trump is unaware of the fact that the left, including this site, has been stuffed to the tail end of the Democratic donkey with pictures of Trump falling asleep during his Manhattan criminal trial.

This site may have gone relatively easy on him. He keeps a busy schedule. He is up late at night thumbing in weird Truth Social posts, and he gets his energy from mixing with crowds or speaking to crowds that near-worship him. He doesn’t get energy from sitting in a courtroom in which he will await his fate as a criminal defendant.

So, that makes this post a little ill-timed:

And hoo boy, the net sure noticed the hypocrisy in this one.

This was another common theme throughout his presidency, especially at the end: “President Trump will have many important meetings and make many important phone calls… ” These descriptions started to appear in his schedule late in his term. It is well documented that Barack Obama ate dinner with the family and continued to work evenings.

Trump was up plenty early to complain about Morning Joe; he even started vicious rumors about a murder that never occurred. (It was an accident):

This one is easier because unlike the times during which he worked, everyone sees the name calling and the juvenile behavior on both the net and in person, especially during rallies.

It is kind of sad because Melania Trump had the perfect cause at the perfect time for a First Lady. “Be Best” started as a program against internet bullying. Perfect.

The problem, of course, was that she was married to the net’s biggest bully. She could’ve saved it by commenting, perhaps three times, “I don’t like it, I’ve told him to cool it… ” –  Just three times was all she needed to gain credibility on the subject.

What would he have done had she said something? Chew out his wife? He would never have done that, and if he did, Melania knew where all the bodies were buried, she could have buried him.

But right now the net bully is looking a little silly, evidently unaware of the fact that the left has noticed his nodding off during trial and calling someone else “sleepy” is probably not the most effective “branding” right now.


Jason Miciak is Executive Editor at Political Flare and can be reached at [email protected].

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