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Trump Reportedly ‘Terrified’ of Prison Because of ‘His Issues with Odors and Smells’

If anyone knows Donald Trump, it’s those he knows in the entertainment industry. And nobody hosted Trump more in a celebrity capacity than Donny Deutsch, and his show The Big Idea.

Well, maybe Howard Stern. But Howie’s not promoting anything these days — he doesn’t have to.

Instead, we have Donny, who knows Trump well enough to understand that the current criminal trial, his first non-civil trial, has the former president terrified of jail.

And it’s for a very particular reason.

Now, here’s the first time you’ll see me be kind to Trump: I don’t fault him his neuroses, because I have plenty of my own. We all do. Maybe you’re irritated by those ladies who leave their Starbucks cup on the shelf at Target. Maybe you’re triggered by people who are terrible at parking. Maybe you just don’t like people who can’t differentiate between there, their, and they’re.

Wait, those are mine.

Anyway, there’s something that drives each of us nuts, and for Trump, Donny says, it’s pretty specific:

He’s scared of prison “just by his issues with odor and smells” and “fear of disease.” It turns out the guy who throws ketchup at the wall when he’s angry is also the guy who washes his hands constantly because he’s scared of PEOPLE LIKE HIM.

Discussing the possibility that he might be thrown in jail soon for contempt, since he can’t stop violating his gag order, Deutsch said:

“Donald Trump — and we were talking off camera, and you brought up the point in the last segment that he won’t eat food when he goes on foreign territory. You have to use the bathroom. His hair. His makeup. His skin. Like, he will be pulled apart. He doesn’t have the mettle to do it.

So, anybody that’s out there saying, “Oh, it’s a great moment for him” — this is not a mug shot. This is jail. And Donald Trump is terrified. You’ve got to believe, just by his issues with odors and smells and, you know, fear of disease. This guy does not want to spend 30 — nobody does, but particularly this guy.”

It’s funny to think that the guy who sparked all the “snowflake” conversation is the biggest snowflake of all.

But Monday, the judge in that trial, Juan Merchan, said that Trump had violated the order nearly a dozen times, and that if he did so again, he could be facing jail.

IMAGINE Donald Trump in jail. I don’t even care about his neuroses, he would lose his mind if he was forced to even spend time with common people.


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