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Trump Was Allegedly Asked to Leave Fancy NYC Steakhouse Due to His Foul Stench, ‘The Smell Was So Offensive!’

There has been lots of talk recently about Donald Trump’s…smell. It all started with former congressman Adam Kinzinger, a Republican, but a Trump-hating one. Kinzinger took to X/Twitter and said, “I’m genuinely surprised how people close to Trump haven’t talked about the odor. It’s truly something to behold. Wear a mask if you can.”

And of course Kinzinger isn’t the first person to say that Trump is stinky. There is our friend Noel Casler, who used to work on the “Celebrity Apprentice” and said that Trump wore diapers due to his use of amphetamines. Casler has for YEARS been talking about Trump’s smell and his diapers, and has never been sued by sue-happy Trump. Here is Casler describing Trump’s stench:

Then of course there was Kathy Griffin. While Griffin was never a contestant on the show, she did make two appearances in the series. She eventually posted about her experience on the show to X, formerly Twitter.

“Oh, God, I was never [a] contestant,” she wrote in a post back in May. “However, I did participate in two challenges. One I did because of my dear departed, beloved Joan Rivers. The other one I did because Trump paid me a bunch of money to spend the day with Liza Minnelli and host a challenge. Liza and I tried to ignore him, but he does smell really bad.”

Griffin has brought up Trump’s odor once again, this time during an appearance on Mary Trump’s podcast, The Mary Trump Show. Mary Trump is the niece of the fat former president and has been very critical her uncle as well as the rest of the Trump family.

“Donald has a distinct smell that doesn’t really get enough press. It’s like body odor with kind of like a scented, makeup product—you can smell the hair products even outdoors,” she said, which caused Mary Trump to cringe.

Griffin then reposted the video and added: “I went easy on him,” alongside a vomit emoji.

And of course we can’t forget about the fact that Trump is reportedly farting in court. Apparently he is falling asleep mid-testimony and occasionally lets one rip, as many old decrepit men are known to do.

Now, we have more proof. Although we’ll be upfront that this guy could be lying…but he did say he had posted about it before. He lost his first account though, along with all the videos, but we will keep looking. In a viral TikTok video, user @bestofajack04 recounted one instance where Trump was allegedly kicked out of a Manhattan steakhouse in the ’80s after he got multiple complaints about his smell.

“Years ago I posted about Trump being kicked out of Keens Steakhouse in Manhattan, where I was eating with my father in 1983, because his smell was so offensive,” the TikToker alleged.

“This wasn’t an elderly thing – it was 1983. I wouldn’t make fun of Trump today if it was an elderly thing. That’s not what we do on the left. It happens to elderly people. Trump wasn’t elderly,” he continued.

The social media user then shared more about how the incident unfolded. “We didn’t complain. The table next to him complained and the table behind him complained. We smelled it, but my father and I didn’t complain about it. Trump was not elderly. The smell was so f*cking offensive that they finally had to ask him to leave, and he did leave, quietly, right by us and then wafted us,” he claimed. “Trump’s been sh*tting all over himself for almost 40 f*cking years.”

Others people chimed in, recalling their own experiences with Trump. One person wrote, “I did a project for Trump in 2007. 10/10 Can confirm the stink. Also, he never paid our company the 350k invoice for products and services.”

Another said, “I’ve stated this-I met Trump in a party at Trump Plaza in NYC in the 90’s. He came to say hello to the group and we all smelled it! In the 90’s!!!!”

Another said, “I know a woman that worked at Mar-a-lago. She said dirty clothes, BO, shit & a lot of cologne”

And here’s the video:


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