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Watch as THOUSANDS of Attendees Walked Out of Jersey Shore Rally While Trump Was Still Speaking

Who can blame them?

Many have claimed that Trump’s recent rally in Wildwood, New Jersey was his biggest yet, with some figures nearing 100,000 people.

But in video obtained at the event, while there are a lot of people, there are also a lot of people leaving — while the former president was still talking to the crowd.

Trump took the stage at 6:20 PM, and in the video you’ll see below, the person filming gets the time from an attendee, who informs him it is a mere 28 minutes later. There are already people leaving. Strange how these people who, according to Trump, wait in line for DAYS to attend his rallies and yet hear they are leaving not even a half-hour into his speech? Odd.

That means that even his faithful — even the MAGA cultists — were already bored by less than halfway through his hour-and-a-half oratory.

Maybe they weren’t bored. Maybe they stopped buying in to the rhetoric of a man accused of nearly a hundred felonies, who’s currently undergoing just the FIRST of his many criminal trials, and they don’t want to vote for a man who will likely be in prison by the time of the election.

That’s a shame in one way: I’m a firm believer that the part of the country that is conservative should be represented, and since Trump is the presumptive nominee for the GOP this November, they won’t be if their candidate is in prison for rape, and election fraud, and stealing classified documents, and attempting to overturn democracy.

On the other hand, everyone who leaves a Trump rally disgusted is one fewer Trump voter. Joe may not be perfect, but he’s a darn sight better than Donald Trump. The man doesn’t even have a PET. He’s a heartless, soulless harbinger of doom who has literally cheated publicly on every wife he’s ever had.

He’s had children with three women, each of whom he stepped out on with the next in line; with Ivana, the mother of Junior, Eric, and Ivanka, he was unfaithful with Marla Maples. She, the mother of Tiffany Trump, was likewise two-timed by Donald with Melania.

And of course Melania, who mothered Barron and was pregnant with him at the time, suffered his infidelity with an adult film star for one night and a Playboy centerfold for nearly a YEAR.

This man belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.

But it’s not just his serial adultery that’s begun to turn off even those previously dedicated to him. He also says bizarre, winding things that make absolutely zero sense.

At this rally, he actually referred to the “late, great Hannibal Lecter,” the infamous cannibal from the “Silence of the Lambs” series of films, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, who is very much alive.

I don’t know what the mix-up in his head was, but either he thinks a prominent actor who is alive is dead, or he thinks Hannibal Lecter is a real person who didn’t escape at the end of the movie and then escape the death penalty via an insanity plea.

He called him a “wonderful man.”

No wonder people are walking out of Trump’s rallies — he’s quite obviously losing his mind.

USA Today reporter Zac Anderson posted a video showing that much of the crowd had already left while Trump was still delivering his remarks.

“Trump is still speaking in Wildwood but much of the crowd has left. It’s cold and he’s been speaking 90 minutes. This whole area was full of people when Trump started,” Anderson wrote.

And just watch this video as all those Trump-loving MAGAts just walk on out…

Incidentally, it was nowhere near 100,000 people to begin with. The beach only accommodates about 20,000, and that’s about the number of ticket even Trump’s own spokesman says were requested.

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