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Trump Has Revealed the Sentence He Should Receive…And It’s as Ridiculous as He Is

Trump's latest fundraising email comes with his "plea" for your vote.

Donald Trump, as everyone knows, is desperate for money. I mean, it’s not like he hasn’t always been greedy. But he needs it now, both to pay his legal bills and fund his campaign if he hopes to beat Joe Biden in November.

But when he sent out his latest fundraising letter, it was more that a little out of bounds.

He actually refenced his recent conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, believing both that his white fans would think it was a wrongful conviction, and that he might appeal to black people because of their experience with the “persecution” of the justice system — because, you know, black people commit more crimes, you know?

But the way he phrased his suggested punishment was just egregious.



To four years of community service as your President!

But that won’t happen without the support of EVERY SINGLE True Trump Patriot! So I have just ONE question I need Friend to answer:


Everything I’ve gone through – INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS, SHAM CONVICTIONS – has been for you!

I would spend 1 MILLION YEARS behind bars if it kept the Deep State from getting their filthy hands on you.

I’d do anything for you, and I just need you to do one thing for me.

Before the end of the day please let me know: ARE YOU VOTING FOR TRUMP? Yes or No?

Imagine thinking that a sincere punishment for 34 felony counts should be “community service,” and that the community service could be served as President of the United States.

Trump knows that he’s going to prison, and that it will only be that much harder for him to get elected if he’s BEHIND BARS. So he’s appealing to his established supporters to support him in his effort to stay out of jail.

He signed the form email off with his custom Sharpie™ signature, just not in the gold color he generally uses to sign women’s breasts.

This is more than disgusting. He is more than just a grifter, he’s a charlatan. He does more than commit crimes, he wants you to believe that the crimes he committed were justified, and should be excused entirely.

Even if he was convicted by a jury of his peers.

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