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It Appears Cowardly Trump Is Already Looking for a Way to Cancel the Debate With Biden at the End of the Month

For months Donald Trump begged and begged for a debate against President Joe Biden. But now that it’s going to happen, he appears to be chickening out. Heck, even Fox News host Sean Hannity has bounced around the idea of Trump backing out of the debate. And we know why. Sure he’s been attacking Biden for some of his gaffes, but the stress of the lengthy hush-money trial and the 34 felony convictions he received as a result have worn him down.

Most days, Trump looks exhausted. His hair, the focal point of his vanity, looks like a bird’s nest. Biden is 81 but he still looks sharper than Trump, who turns 78 on Friday. Yes, Biden’s goofed on occasion — he awkwardly stood silently for about 30 seconds during a White House Juneteenth concert as other guests, including Vice President Kamala Harris, danced. This was definitely a senior moment but it pales in comparison to some of Trump’s gaffes. I’m thinking of the clip of him practically drooling, which grossed a lot of people out.

And no one knows what Trump meant when he congratulated “the late, great Hannibal Lecter,” the famed fictional serial killer from Thomas Harris’s novels, and then pivoted to say “We have people that are being released into our country that we don’t want in our country, ” according to Forbes. He managed to be confusing and racist at the same time. You’ve got to admit that doing two things like this makes Trump a real prize winner here. Sarcasm intended.

And you can bet Biden will make use of those felony convictions during the debate, which is scheduled for June 27. Another is scheduled for September 10. If a brown noser like Sean Hannity is suggesting perhaps Trump should rethink the debate you can bet he’s already sensed the former president is shaking in his crappy-looking gold sneakers.

He’s the first president to become a convicted felon and received a mind-numbing batch of indictments, including another 37 felonies connected to his handling and refusal to hand over hundreds of classified documents that he allegedly kept after exiting the White House.

So yeah, Scammity’s got a point. I doubt Biden will hold back on this.

And Team Trump began backpedaling on the debates in May, with a lot of kvetching and baselessly saying the debates will be rigged in Biden’s favor.

But hey, if the debates go on as planned, maybe we’ll get to hear Joe Biden tell Trump “Will you shut up, man?” again. That will be worth the price of admission.

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