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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mom and Sister are Being Evicted From Their Home, and He Won’t Lift a Finger to Help Them

You'd think he might use just a little of his fame to help the woman everyone thought drove him that notorious night.

Kyle Rittenhouse, who everyone reading this knows shot three men one night in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the protests following the police killing of Jacob Blake, has parlayed his notoriety into a sort of MAGA fame.

After his acquittal, Kyle became a symbol for the NRA. There are countless pictures of Kyle with former president Donald Trump. He was in possession of a long rifle that would have been illegal in his home state.

But he never layered his fame into any kind of leverage for the people around him. He has been selfish with his fame, as evidenced by the GoFundMe his sister Faith posted, asking for money to avoid eviction from where she lived with their mother, Wendy.

As you know, one has to write out the reason for their fundraiser, and Faith’s was no different. She DID include a couple of plot twists, however:

I’m reaching out to you today with a heavy heart and a sense of urgency that I never thought I’d experience. Our family has been through unimaginable hardships, and now we find ourselves on the brink of losing everything. Just under 4 years ago, our lives were shattered when my brother was involved in a tragic shooting incident. The aftermath of this event uprooted our family’s stability and left us grappling with grief, trauma, and the harsh reality of starting over. We know that we are not the only family struggling to rebuild after that fateful night.

Now, it sounds as though she’s painting her family in a tragic light that absolves her brother of responsibility.

But she goes on:

We’ve had difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment due to the fact many people still believe my mother drove Kyle or was somehow involved in his decision to go to Kenosha. We’ve struggled emotionally, mentally, and financially to piece our lives back together. With my brother’s unwillingness to provide support or contribute to our family, we’ve been left to navigate this journey on our own.

That’s right, Faith says Wendy had nothing to do with conveying Kyle to Kenosha that night, and that the public perception that she did has basically ruined their lives.

The photo Faith Rittenhouse used on the GoFundMe requesting money to prevent them from being evicted.

To make matters worse, I lost my job due frequent hospitalizations due to medical issues. I have been unable to work over the last four months making it extremely difficult to provide.

Kyle himself actually testified in court that he had driven to Kenosha the day before the event and spent the night beforehand.

Despite having no valid driver’s license, something that came up in court, Kyle testified during his defense that he’d gone to the home of a friend and spent the night before he went on his killing spree.

Kyle Rittenhouse has many famous friends in his contacts, you’re gonna tell me not ONE would help his mother and sister out?

It’s not like anyone thinks Kyle is rolling in dough. But he certainly has access to the little bit that his sister and mother are asking for in their fundraiser, to keep from losing their home. He could just turn to his left in any of the pictures of him and Trump, or him and Tucker Carlson, or him and any number of rich right-wing figures he’s known for being photographed with, and ask for help for his family.

But that would require him to be a good person. We know he’s not that.

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