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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother and Sister Are Being Evicted and Kyle Is Refusing to Help Them

I don’t have to explain to most of you who Kyle Rittenhouse is. He’s the 21-year-old who shot three men, two fatally, during the civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020, when he was aged 17. Rittenhouse was acquitted at his trial in November 2021, and testified that he had acted in self-defense.

We all saw the videos. A minor possessed a gun of war that he shouldn’t have had, and killed two men. He’s awful. And in the years since, all he has wanted to do is become a MAGA spokesman. And mostly, he’s been allowed. There are tons of photos of him with Donald Trump, the Trump family, as well as many other top MAGA figures.

If there’s a MAGA event, he’s there. But do you know who he’s not there for? His mother Wendy and his sister Faith. At least that’s according to Faith Rittenhouse’s GoFundMe looking to raise money so they don’t get evicted. And what Faith wrote was rather heartbreaking.

She began, “I’m reaching out to you today with a heavy heart and a sense of urgency that I never thought I’d experience. Our family has been through unimaginable hardships, and now we find ourselves on the brink of losing everything. Just under 4 years ago, our lives were shattered when my brother was involved in a tragic shooting incident. The aftermath of this event uprooted our family’s stability and left us grappling with grief, trauma, and the harsh reality of starting over. We know that we are not the only family struggling to rebuild after that fateful night.”

There is a lot I could say about that paragraph but I won’t, especially the phrase “tragic shooting incident”. I guess it was tragic for the VICTIMS, but for Rittenhouse? No way.

Anyway, Faith then brought up her brother Kyle, and that he is unwilling to help his mother and sister. She wrote, “We’ve had difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment due to the fact many people still believe my mother drove Kyle or was somehow involved in his decision to go to Kenosha. We’ve struggled emotionally, mentally, and financially to piece our lives back together. With my brother’s unwillingness to provide support or contribute to our family, we’ve been left to navigate this journey on our own.

Then Faith added some sad news, saying “To make matters worse, I lost my job due frequent hospitalizations due to medical issues. I have been unable to work over the last four months making it extremely difficult to provide”.

One thing that is important to add is that Kyle’s mother Wendy did NOT drive him to Kenosha. That was a rumor that exists to this day and it simply isn’t true. Reporting by the Associated Press states that according to testimony in Rittenhouse’s murder trial, he drove to Kenosha the day before the shootings and spent the night at a friend’s house, where the gun used in the shooting was kept. It wasn’t until the next day that he took the gun from the house and went to the Kenosha protests, where the shootings occurred. The testimony was not challenged.

Kyle Rittenhouse testified in Kenosha County Circuit Court on Nov. 10 that he drove to Kenosha on Aug. 24, 2020, the day before the shooting, to work at his job at the RecPlex in nearby Pleasant Prairie, according to footage of the proceedings reviewed by The Associated Press. After work, he drove his car to his friend Dominick Black’s house in Kenosha where he spent the night. However, Rittenhouse did not have a driver’s license, something that was brought up in the trial.

Under questioning by Thomas Binger, a Kenosha County prosecutor, Rittenhouse said that he had driven to Kenosha from Antioch despite not having his driver’s license.

“So even though you didn’t have a driver’s license, you drove from your home in Antioch to the RecPlex to work that day?” Binger asked.

“Yes, to be able to get to work,” he replied.

The photo Faith Rittenhouse used on the GoFundMe requesting money to prevent them from being evicted.

Back to the GoFundMe, Faith then asked for money, “To make matters worse, I lost my job due frequent hospitalizations due to medical issues. I have been unable to work over the last four months making it extremely difficult to provide. Despite our best efforts to rebuild and move forward, we’ve hit another devastating roadblock. We’ve fallen behind on rent, and now we’re facing eviction with only 8 days left in our apartment. The thought of losing our home, our sanctuary in the midst of chaos, is overwhelming and terrifying.”

She continued, “We’ve exhausted every resource available to us, but we’re still coming up short. The reality is that we have nowhere else to turn, and time is running out. We’re pleading for your help, your generosity, and your compassion to see us through this crisis.”

Now I doubt Kyle Ritenhouse is rolling in money. He has previously had his own fundraising events to raise money for legal help. But I GUARANTEE he has access to the $3000 Wendy and Faith Rittenhouse are asking for. Or he knows someone he can ask. Come on. His mother stood by his side that whole time and this is how he thanks her?

Kyle Rittenhouse has many famous friends in his contacts, you’re gonna tell me not ONE would help his mother and sister out?

So far the GoFundMe has raised $1545 out of $3000, and it went up on May 29th, 2024, so two weeks ago. On May 29th Faith Rittenhouse said they had eight days to raise the money. They didn’t raise the full $3000 they were asking for, but maybe they were given money outside of GoFundMe as well. Hopefully they found a way to raise the money, as this is quite sad.

This just shows you that Kyle Rittenhouse is as rotten as we’ve always said. Kyle purports to be a conservative, a family man, and yet he’s constantly bragging about all the trips and things he’s doing on Instagram and X/Twitter, but never mentions his mother or sister, who are barely surviving.


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