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Lauren Boebert Wants the Ten Commandments in Schools So Children Know Right From Wrong

Rep. Lauren Boebert has managed to mire herself in another controversy. Again. The Colorado Republican is one of many conservative Christians who have expressed support for a new Louisiana law requiring that the Ten Commandments be displayed in public schools. This doesn’t sit well with First Amendment advocates who understand all too well that this country was founded on secular precepts. This also means this new law may be unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t dissuaded Boebert, who stated her concerns during a recent interview with conservative leader/soon-to-be imprisoned Steve Bannon for his War Room podcast.

“Listed in the Ten Commandments, thou shall not steal. Maybe the left and some of these politicians are having a meltdown over having that right there listed in our classrooms, thou shall not steal, because government hates competition,” Boebert said. “And they don’t want our children to realize that’s something you shouldn’t be doing.”

But her son, Tyler Boebert, didn’t seem to get that message either because he faces arraignment on charges that he allegedly committed a series of car break-ins and property theft in Rifle, Colorado, earlier this year. He’s pleading not guilty.

And Boebert’s comments caught the attention of Ron Filipkowski, the editor-in-chief of MeidasTouch. Filipkowski is a decidedly anti-Trump attorney and he posted a clip of the GOP firebrand’s interview on X. Boebert is being lit up by critics who accuse her of hypocrisy over her comments, pointing to her son’s problems and a battery of scandals she and her family have faced. This includes her widely publicized divorce from Jayson Boebert which involves scandals on both sides.

I’m sure most of us remember that painful Beetlejuice incident, where she and a date did the touchy-feely thing during a Denver theater production of the beloved movie, and that was caught on camera. So now the critics are chiming in.

“You have to hand it to Boebert: Her hypocrisy & lack of self-awareness are painfully obvious,” posted X user Charles Campisi.

“You can’t make this up—you’d be laughed out of the writers’ room,” journalist and lawyer Seth Abramson observed.

“She didn’t even teach her own kid not to steal,” wrote Democratic podcaster Fred Wellman.

And this barb from X user @SundaeDivine, who has at least 116,000 followers, has gotta sting:

“When you’re trying to legislate morality, guessing a little hypocrisy comes in handy.”

“Maybe they should put them up in every theater too,” posted PatriotTakes, a profile that excoriates conservatives.

Boebert has always been vocal about her religious beliefs, and she may be attempting to use this to sway voters because she’s up for reelection next week for the first time since she announced her intentions to switch Congressional districts. Right now, she represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, where Republicans only have a marginal advantage. She barely won reelection in 2022, by a scant 600 votes against Democrat Adam Frisch.

Republicans are widely favored in the 4th District and she is viewed as the favorite to win Tuesday’s primary.

I’m including Filipkowski’s post below, followed by thoughts from other X users. Enjoy!

Boebert is just never going to live down that Beetlejuice fandango now is she?

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