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Lauren Boebert’s Democratic Rival Releases Humiliating New Ad Targeting Her Performance at ‘Beetlejuice’

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) has had to learn some painful lessons, particularly when she was caught being touchy-feely with a date during a production of Beetlejuice in a Denver theater. She and her date were ultimately kicked out of the theater because she did things like vaping in front of a pregnant woman, singing, and using her phone. She later apologized but the damage was done.

And now her Democratic challenger John Padora, is using her behavior against her. Padora is running to replace Republican Representative Ken Buck in the district, and he’s zeroed in on Boebert, the biggest name in next week’s Republican primary. His new advert is recorded at an angle that’s similar to the security camera that caught her doing the big, bad, naughty no-nos at the Beetlejuice performance.

And the clip is going viral, according to The New Republic.

“I’m sitting in the very same seat Lauren Boebert got kicked out of, the same way she got kicked out of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Now she’s picked up her bags and fled to eastern Colorado,” Padora says in the clip.

“Boebert’s an opportunistic carpetbagger, and we deserve real leadership here in Colorado’s 4th,” Padora says.

As far as I know, Boebert wasn’t kicked out of her 3rd District seat. She just realized she had no chance of winning against Democratic powerhouse, Adam Frisch, whom she barely beat in the 2022 midterms.

But while the word “carpetbagger” does fit the congresswoman, it seems to me that Padora could have hit on some of the more controversial things Boebert has done, including promoting QAnon conspiracies, being an ardent election denier, and as The New Republic notes, “giving customers at her open-carry restaurant diarrhea by serving them tainted pork,” which could have raised questions about her ethics, or lack thereof. Those all seem like better jumping-off points to me, but hey, whatever.

Social media had a field day:

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