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Marjorie Taylor Greene Humiliates Herself After Fawning Over Trump Like a School Girl After He Says ‘Hello’ to Her

It’s difficult to understand why any woman would be ecstatic when a convicted felon, misogynist, fascist, and racist man says “hello” to her, but then there’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, for whom logic and reason do not apply. She’s not capable of either (remember her dumb attempts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson?). Well, she’s always been jonesing for Donald Trump, who exemplifies everything mentioned above.

She was especially giddy after Trump’s speech Thursday because he said “hello” to her, according to BoingBoing. The Georgia GOP congresswoman was so giddy, in fact, that she told CNN his speech was one of her favorites because “he was really sweet to me.”

“I really found his speech to be one of my favorite speeches,” she gushed, unable to control her excitement.

“He came in…he was really sweet to me. He saw me — I was sitting back a little ways — he saw me in there, and he was like, ‘Hello, Marjorie!'” said an enthused Green, reenacting the treasured moment with a wave of her hand.

The obnoxious, LGBTQ+-hating woman just couldn’t contain herself. And the whole thing is just so repulsive. It would be a gag-fest for most of us normal people. Ugh. Her excitement over this is creepy and disgusting.

“He’s always so sweet, and recognizes me,” said the fool with the stars in her eyes and the idiotic smile. “He said, ‘Are you being nice?’ He was joking. ‘Are you being nice to Speaker Johnson?'”

“And I said, ‘ehhhh.’ And he said, ‘Okay, be nice to him,’ and I nodded my head.”

That’s it. That’s her favorite Trump speech. Her brain is too small to contain many more words. That’s all she can handle at one time.

Trump turned America into an embarrassment on the world stage, and with Marjorie Taylor Greene in tow, it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while.

Here’s the clip of her waxing ridiculous below.

And people couldn’t stop teasing her:

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