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Once Again, Melania Disses Her Husband in a Very, Very Big Way on a Very, Very Big Day

Even Joe had nice words for the former president, but the First Lady was nowhere to be seen.

It’s a tradition to publicly wish any president, former or otherwise, a happy birthday when their big day rolls around. For the most part, everyone in Donald Trump’s life — family, friend, and even political foes like Joe Biden — all sent Donald birthday greetings, with one notable exception: His wife.

Don Junior checked in, Ivanka checked in, and even Eric remembered to commemorate his dad’s 78th birthday. Heck, even his former daughter-in-law, Vanessa, chimed in, calling him the “best grandpa.”

Here’s Don Jr. taking time from snorting something to post a photo of Trump hugging a flag…because I doubt a photo of Trump hugging Don Jr. exists:

Further proof Eric is a big ol’ doofus:

Here is Ivanka’s little Happy Birthday note, and she also turned off comments because she knew they weren’t going to be nice:

And Don Jr.’s ex-wife wants to make sure those checks keep coming, so she posted something as well:

And Don Jr.’s new woman posted something as well:

Heck, even Joe Biden wished Trump a happy birthday, something Trump would NEVER do in return:

Melania’s silence was conspicuous, despite the fact that she’s been absent during essentially his entire campaign and from all of his trials.

What would the harm have been for her to wish him a happy birthday? Especially during a race that has hinged so much on the age of the candidates. If she were truly supportive of her husband, she would be more than happy to celebrate the younger age of her husband than that of his opponent.

Of course, there were many people who had the ulterior motive of currying favor with the former president, whether to just remain in his good graces, or perhaps to become his running mate for November.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem sent well-wishes his way, as did Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, and even Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina. While Senator Tim Scott, who dropped out of the Republican primary as soon as it was clear Trump was the front runner, sent a message, as did Ben Carson, his former HUD secretary, because they want to run with him, Biden’s was a little more tongue-in-cheek.

There was nothing nasty about it, but it DID list 78 “accomplishments” of Trump’s last year, one for each of his years of life.

Even Rudy piped up, although he sounded as crazy as ever. He went on and on about how he was scared that Trump would be angry that he’d sung the birthday song to him on his voicemail.

But the one person you’d expect to not just sing or say it to him, but be the first to do it, missing. Weird.

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