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People Furious After Trump Gets Special Treatment in Meeting With His Probation Officer and DOESN’T Have to Take Drug Test

Donald Trump is facing well-deserved criticism after he attended his pre-sentencing hearing via computer at his Mar-a-Lago resort on Monday. This has raised ire because, in the past, these meetings have been mandatory to attend in person and usually involved screening for illicit drugs.

Was Donnie Boy worried something would show up that he didn’t want people to know about? Or does Trump just think he’s above the rabble? Either one of those explanations could suffice. The newly felonious ex-president has the ghosts of those 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in his infamous hush-money trial, for which he was found guilty, hanging over his head, OK! reports.

You’d think something like this would make he who sits on a golden toilet have to appear in court. But clearly, the rest of us don’t have golden toilets or golden sneakers, so we’re not special.

Seth Abramson, a best-selling journalist and lawyer has harsh criticism for those involved for not demanding that Trump appear in person, especially given the mountain of privilege that his wealth provides.

“There’s been no explanation whatsoever for why this convicted felon gets to do what would normally be mandatory in-person meetings over Zoom,” Abramson wrote via X.

“We can already see the value in this special treatment for Trump,” he noted. “There is no excuse for Trump not being in NYC. He has a home there. He has a private jet. He’s supposedly a billionaire. His private attorney will fly with him anywhere in the world. Yet if this were you or me, we would have to go to NYC, whereas he is asked to do nothing.”

Abramson made other key observations:


But I think this is the most pertinent question:

Other critics had thoughts as well, with one person writing, “Isn’t one of the founding principles of our country that everyone gets equal justice under the law? He’s getting decidedly comfy favors.” Another person chimed in with, “I know, it’s a slap in the face to all of us. He is never treated fairly in anything.”

But Trump has always been treated this way, which is why he expects to never be held accountable. I hope his sentencing does not reflect the way he’s being treated now. He needs much more than a mere slap on the wrist after what he’s done.

Don’t ask me to hold my breath, however.

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