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Super-Rare Clip of Barron Trump Speaking Has Social Media Comparing Him to This Family Member

Barron Trump, like his mom, Melania Trump is rarely ever seen in public. Few people, in fact, have ever heard him talk. Too bad we can’t say that about his father, Donald Trump. He’s everywhere you don’t want him to be and the only time he’s ever quiet may be when he’s asleep. Unless, of course, he snores.

He may not be entering politics like dear old Dad and his siblings, but he does have one thing in common with his father: His voice, according to SheKnows.

We finally heard Barron in action when an account called @realcherokeeowl shared a video clip of Barron at Mar-a-Lago and it’s going viral on X. captioned the clip with “Barron Trump’s voice was heard for the first time in a short video taken at a Mar-a-Lago event, ending years of speculation. The video’s viewers were amazed to hear Barron’s voice finally, and many people were shocked by how similar he sounded to his father, Donald Trump.”

Frankly, the sound quality on the clip is poor, so I don’t know how anyone heard much of anything, but that’s me. Needless to say, sites like The Blast and DailyMail have circulated the video and lots of folks agree that Barron sounds like his dad.

Barron, like his mom, seems to enjoy his privacy, unlike his four other siblings, and he has rarely been heard talking. But it doesn’t seem all that unusual that he’d sound like his father, because all of the Trump kids do. Even Ivanka and Tiffany to some extent. But the interesting thing about 18-year-old Barron is that he had originally signed on to be a Republican RNC delegate with some of his other siblings, but then abruptly backed out. Perhaps a little bit of Melania’s influence, maybe? It’s definitely left people wondering what the young man will do next.

As for myself, I’m hoping that this young man will do something that’s actually worthwhile. But given the way the Trump family really is, I’m doubtful. All of them, in one way, or another are grifters. Maybe Barron will walk a different path, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

Social media was stuck between who Barron sounded more like…his father, or his brother Don Jr.:

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