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The Rumor That Melania and Ivanka Are Closer Due to Donald’s Verdict Is a Big, Fat Lie – They Still Hate Each Other

As Donald Trump’s now-infamous hush money trial played out, there were reports that Melania Trump and her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump had grown closer. While Melania didn’t appear in court to support her husband, it’s been purported that the two women had bonded.

Page Six cited the ever-popular unnamed source, who claimed the guilty verdict has “brought the entire family closer together than they have ever been.” Meaning, of course, that it has created “a thaw in the sometimes chilly and tense relationship between Melania and Ivanka,” according to Newsweek.

“Words of support have overridden any past tension as the family comes together. The family has closed ranks and is behind the campaign. Friends say they haven’t seen the family on the same page like this since his inauguration years ago,” the source said.

But according to one woman who is the former first lady’s former friend and the first person to serve as her aide during her time in the White House, that’s a solid nope.

“Knowing her for almost two decades, Melania Trump does not share the same headline with Ivanka for any reason…the fact that it’s being written that Melania and Ivanka are on better terms [and this] has brought them closer is ridiculous,” said Stephanie Winston Wolkoff—who has turned into one of Melania’s biggest critics since their relationship went south in 2018, in an interview with MeidasTouch Ben Meiselas on Sunday.

“It really is. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Melania at one point does come out and say that [the claims are] not true,” she added.

Winston Wolkoff said that Melania typically made a habit of publicly refuting false claims about her and she may decide to speak out at some point, but for the time being “she’s just sort of going to ride this wave,” and will probably wait to see what the other outcomes of the criminal indictments facing her husband will be.

“But not be by his side, that’s not one thing that will ever not happen. She will always be there whether physically or just in the house waiting at home for him,” Winston Wolkoff said. “Her life doesn’t change, people have to understand that.”

The relationship between the ex-first lady and Winston Wolkoff imploded when claims arose that she financially benefited from Trump’s 2017 inauguration. According to reports, WIS Media Partners, Winston Wolkoff’s event-planning company, received $26 million to take part in coordinating the inauguration.

In her 2020 tell-all-book, Melania and Me, Winston Wolkoff said she resigned because the Trump administration used her as a scapegoat. She has denied claims that she received $26 million, saying she was paid $1.6 million.

Whatever. All I know is if her husband is reelected we’ll have to hear about Melania all over again and Winston Wolkoff as well. She could stand to write a new book and start focusing on something else and I won’t mind.

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