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Trump Claimed Joan Rivers Voted for Him in 2016…There’s Only One Problem Though

If there was a way to attach a portable lie detector to Donald Trump and leave it running 24/7 the danged thing would probably short-circuit before the first week was over. We know that The Washington Post kept track of the amazing number of falsehoods he told as president, and it was astounding: a whopping 30,573 lies during his time in office. And as CNN informs us, he’s still at it.

So it should come as no surprise that he’s claiming comedian Joan Rivers voted for him in 2016. That must have been interesting when you realize she died in 2014 following complications of low blood oxygen during a medical procedure she underwent at a Manhattan clinic, OK! reports. But knowing Trump, this was little more than a flippant remark made in passing. He never misses a chance to ingratiate himself when possible.

Ramin Setoodeh, Variety’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Ramin Setoodeh gives us the whole story in his book Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass. Setoodeh asked Trump about his relationship with Rivers. She won season 8 of The Apprentice in 2009.

“I thought she might have been a Republican,” Trump said of Rivers. “I know one thing: she voted for me, according to what she said.”

Rivers, who was friends with Trump and Hillary Clinton, didn’t have the chance to witness the 2016 election. Which is sad, because she was so durned funny.

In other parts of Setoodeh’s book Trump talks about The Apprentice being rebranded as Celebrity Apprentice being rebranded as Celebrity Apprentice and frankly, he didn’t like the change.

“I don’t even call it The Celebrity Apprentice, I just call it The Apprentice. I always called it The Apprentice purposefully, because it was The Apprentice. I thought it was a good name, but I just call it The Apprentice,” he said.

“I thought it was disrespectful,” Trump said and then referred to Rivers. “I mean, I got the biggest stars to go on that show. It was so easy. You know Joan Rivers wouldn’t do a show like that normally, right?”

Trump remembered the time when Rivers discovered her daughter, Melissa Rivers was let go from the show.

“Joan was so angry,” the former president said. “She went crazy when I fired the daughter. Joan loved Melissa more than anything she’s ever loved before. She thought Melissa was the end-all, and she went totally crazy in defense of her daughter. Oh, they were both yelling. It was great TV. But maybe Joan had more of a right to be yelling.”

“Despite the anger about Melissa, she was a big fan!” he boasted. “She said, ‘Nobody else that I’ve met could have done what you did.’ She meant it too.”

Donald Trump poses with Joan Rivers during Celebrity Apprentice’s live season finale in May 2010. He told the author of a new Apprentice book that Rivers voted for him in the 2016 election – despite the fact she died in September 2014

But as early as 2017, Melissa made it clear that her mom would definitely not have voted for Trump.

“She knew them both,” Melissa said of her late mom’s connections to  Donald and Hillary. “Our families had a very long, outside-of-the-spotlight relationship with the whole Trump family. I think in the beginning she would have been like, ‘Yes, great, great, great, super,’ and then she would have been like, ‘Oh s—” as he came closer to the presidency.”

“She truly in her heart believed women are smarter and better and not so busy comparing how big it is with each other and just get s— done,” she shared. “I truly believe she felt for a long time it was time for a woman president, like ‘Enough of you boys pounding your chests, it’s so boring, let’s get a woman in there and get s— organized and done.’ I think in the end of it all, she would have definitely been a Hillary supporter.”

I think the country would have been better off under Hillary Clinton. She is far smarter than Trump, who is always besotted with himself and rarely concerns himself with what would really be best for the nation. Clinton has a firm grasp of foreign relations (some of us think that grasp is too strong) but still, she stands head and shoulders over Trump on this. She would have acted quickly when the COVID pandemic overtook the U.S. The Republicans would likely have tried their usual shenanigans, but Clinton would silence their nonsense ASAP.

Instead we got the booby prize, Trump, who is daft enough to think that someone who died in 2014 voted for him in 2016. Maybe this is what he was talking about when he was yelling about dead people voting.

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