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Trump Humiliates Himself After He’s Caught Waving at NO ONE After Arriving in Wisconsin

Former President Donald Trump clearly lives in a world of his own, and now, after being caught waving to an audience that didn’t exist, he’s getting a good brow-beating on social media. The fun started during his recent campaign stop in Wisconsin, where pretty much no one showed up to see him.

On a video posted to social media, Trump is seen waving toward what seemed to a be a crowd. But, as critics have pointed out, when the footage pans over, all that is seen is a car, a smattering of bodyguards and Secret Service members, OK! reports.

Maybe Margo Martin, Trump’s deputy director of communications, who shared the video on X, is feeling the heat of embarrassment because it definitely fired up controversy.

The accusations that Trump is “waving to nobody” in numerous videos have stirred debates online regarding the ex-president’s mental state. Certainly, there is nothing new about that. We’ve been wondering about his wonky brain ever since he began his 2016 campaign.

Sharp-eyed Trump critic and Editor-in-Chief of Meidas Touch Ron Filipkowski posted the clip of convicted felon Trump, noting that “Trump arrives in WI Today, and again waves to nobody.” This spurred an eruption of posts where X users unloaded on the former president, poking fun at his constant boasting about the audience turnout whenever he speaks.

“Hello busy ramp workers who are ignoring me and doing their important jobs! … Hi Secret Service guys who I just saw ten minutes ago when you got off the plane! … Oh look, some plants. Hi plants!!! Gosh, I’m so popular!” one user quipped.

“Check out that crowd size! Tomorrow’s Fox News Headline…. Trump lands in Wisconsin to record-breaking crowds,” said another.

A third commenter couldn’t help but indulge in wishful thinking.

“For just one day, I wish I could know what it would be like to constantly live in a fantasy world where reality is what you want it to be. It’s so hard having a fully functioning brain.”

Of course, even if Trump lived in the real world, he’s likely got enough money to deal with possible prison sentences, real estate losses, and other life-altering changes to still be comfortable. If you think he’s going to do time alongside dangerous criminals, let me assure you, he will not.

There’s a passel of other videos circulating on social media that show Trump waving in different settings, including outside Trump Tower in New York and at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina, per OK! Snopes, a fact-checking website did a little sniffing around and found that it wasn’t clear if Trump was waving at people sitting in the grandstands at the event, or if he was filming to create footage that his team could alter to make it appear that he’s waving to fans.

“This is nothing more than fake news being peddled by those who suffer from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Biden and his loser cronies should stop using cheap fakes to gaslight the American people,” Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung told outlets.

Trump also got himself in trouble earlier this month for pretending to interact with non-existent supporters while he boarded his plane earlier this month. This means Biden and his “loser cronies” aren’t gaslighting the American people. Trump is the one doing this, and he’s been lighting a match, which has fortunately flickered out before real harm has been done. But that match is right there waiting and if he lights as president, you can bet he’ll turn the country into a powderkeg of racism, homophobia, misogyny, and totalitarianism.

I’m only writing what I see. I’ve covered this cruel man since 2015 and I see a dim future if he’s elected.  And he’s got thousands, if not millions, of flying monkeys right behind him to do his bidding.

I’m calling it as I see it.

Here’s Filipkowski’s post and some funny X responses below. Enjoy!

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