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Trump Just Posted Something So Embarrassing That It Appears He’s Possibly Lost His Mind

Just about the time I think I can’t be more disgusted by Donald Trump, he outdoes himself once again and proves me wrong. This time he did it by posting a video on Truth Social featuring members of Patriot Freedom Project, a January 6th support group that aids families of the January 6 2021 Capitol rioters who have faced prosecution for their role in the deadly uprising. We are all aware of how Trump encouraged these people to attack the Capitol in the hopes of overturning 2020’s presidential election results.

But now MeidasTouch reports that the low-resolution video that Trump posted shows one member thanking him as “God Emperor Trump.” Another member calls him “the chosen one,” noting that “we all need pardons.” Ugh. Someone bring me a bucket quick. All this cult-like Trump reverence is going to make me ill.

MeidasTouch reports that the term “God Emperor” comes from 4Chan and that it was a mashup of Trump and an immortal figure from the Warhammer video game, according to Know Your Meme. Unsurprisingly, this meme is a favorite among far-right individuals who put it on blast and began referring to Trump as “God Emperor.”

I really can’t believe how brainwashed some of these people are. How gullible are they anyway? To worship a man who tried to overthrow the U.S. government, who has lied so much to suit his own needs that it’s not even clear when he is telling the truth, who hates immigrants, and very obviously wants to become a dictator is really beyond me.

And Trump has hosted this group at his Bedminster property after he was roundly criticized for doing nothing for supporters who are facing time for assisting his “stop the steal” efforts on January 6th. Someone hung a painting at the event that depicted Trump carrying a cross, and the former president told the group that America is “fascist” and “not our country.”

Scores of MAGA Republicans closely identify with the January 6th riot and view it as a patriotic exercise. Trump closely connects himself with the rioters who ravaged the Capitol.

At one time Trump also published a wretched Star Spangled Banner/Pledge of Allegiance mashup being sung by imprisoned rioters. And he insists on Republicans staying committed to the MAGA b.s. that the 2020 election was stolen. And he absolutely loves all that deification which is extremely worrisome. MeidasTouch’s J.D. Wolf notes “We have seen Trump share articles comparing himself to God and Jesus.”

Trump has also promoted a worship song released earlier that calls him “the Chosen One.” He’s shared posts calling himself “selected by God” and declaring that “Christian voters … put their faith in” him. Poor stupid fools. Jeesh.

As if that’s not bad enough Trump has suggested he is more famous than Jesus and shared a video comparing himself to Jesus.

Damn. Where’s that bucket?

This man is becoming more unhinged by the second and out-and-out welcoming those who are calling him “God Emperor.”

“Having a candidate openly encouraging others to refer to himself as “God Emperor Trump” should be disqualifying, but this is the new MAGA Republican Party where Trump is their revered deity who can do no wrong.”

Amen, brother.

Here’s the gag-inducing video below. It’s especially disturbing how many children are being brainwashed here.

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