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Trump Posts Video to Truth Social Proving He Doesn’t Give a Crap About the U.S. Flag

Samuel Alito must not just be investigated, but disbarred. Trump should just be banned from running again.

When Donald Trump lost the election, SCOTUS Justice Sam Alito, appointed by the original Stable-Genius-in-Chief, George W. Bush, flew the “distress” version of the American flag. That’s when you fly it upside-down, the military signal for a nation in distress.

The flag is always supposed to be flown with the stars at the top left. You’re not even supposed to display it horizontally, like they do at football games across the field, according to the US Flag Code.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Republicans from using it for their own purposes. They use it to make booty shorts for country girls (against the USFC), advertise products (against the USFC), and put one of the stripes as a blue one for cops (against the USFC).

When Alito hoisted flag inverted outside his home, for him, it was literally a violation of law.

You and I can get away with all that other stuff because they don’t really enforce it anymore. But a Supreme Court Justice is supposed to uphold every letter of the law, even the ones that most people consider silly or worthless.

Now, even though flying the flag that way has a specific meaning, it has come to mean support for Trump.

That’s why Trump knew as soon as he saw the video one of his supporters posted on social media of someone flying the inverted flag next to a Trump flag, he had to exploit the opportunity to get more people to do the same, and get it even more closely associated with him.

Trump knows exactly what it means. He had an ex-general and two former politicians as his chiefs of staff. He knows.

But his supporters just know that they think America is “in distress” because their guy didn’t win. They’re associating the symbol not just with Trump, but with what they’ve all come to see as a stolen election.

No one sensible would ever call it that — there were plenty of election observers, even more so who wanted to see a Trump win. None of them came up with any proof of cheating. But that’s what Alito’s flag was for, and that’s why Trump’s supporters are flying it now.

That’s why Trump posted the video:

Here is the full video:

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