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Trump Supporter Says He’d Vote for Trump Even if Trump ‘Were to Molest My Mother’

Back in 2015 or 2016, Donald Trump famously said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any votes. Of course all us decent people were appalled…but sadly, what Trump said turned out to be true. Just look at all the things he’s done. He was literally caught on tape saying that he was so rich and famous that he could grab women by the “p*ssy” and they’d be fine with it because when you’re famous, they let you do it. And that’s just the beginning. Heck, the man incited a freaking insurrection and there still exist people willing to vote for the slob.

We have all waited for SOMETHING to happen that would turn Trump supporters off of him. Not even being a convicted felon is enough to turn his cultists off. And now we have even more proof that Trump supporters don’t care what Trump does…he has their vote no matter what. On Saturday, a C-SPAN caller claimed he would vote for Trump and “adore” him more even if he were to “molest” his mother. Yes, “molest”. Think about that for a moment.

On Saturday morning during an open forum call from viewers on Washington Journal, C-SPAN anchor Tammy Thueringer accepted a call from a viewer from New Mexico known as Aaron. And Aaron made it clear he was originally from Massachusetts but now lives in New Mexico.

Aaron opened his discussion with Thueringer by claiming there is a rumor on TikTok (because that’s where all smart people get their news) that Democrats are going to “replace” Joe Biden on the November general election ticket. After Thueringer asked Aaron if he was going to vote for Biden, the phone call took a wild turn, as a guest for another segment who was waiting in the green room, author Gabe Fleisher, pointed out in a post on X. (The video is at the bottom of the post.)

The caller appeared to reference Trump’s recent conviction in New York, where a jury found him liable for sexually abusing E. Jean Carroll and awarded her $5 million in damages, or his felony conviction in the Stormy Daniels hush money case.

The caller said that he loves Trump and doesn’t care who Trump touches, and said “I would only adore him more personally if he were to molest my mother.” C-SPAN quickly ended the call and moved on to the next.

Here is the transcript:

AARON: So there’s this rumor on TikTok that they’re going to replace Biden on the ticket. And Jesse Watters was on Fox just the other day talking about it. Is there any truth to this?

THUERINGER: What is your…Are you going to vote for Biden or a replacement?

AARON: No, ma’am. Of course not. I don’t care what parts on who Donald Trump touches and who he brags to about it. I love Donald Trump. I would only adore him more personally if he were to molest my mother.


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