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Trump’s Beloved Golf Courses and Clubs Now at Serious Risk After His Felony Conviction

Anyone hitting the links at former President Donald Trump’s three New Jersey golf courses may wind up being disappointed if they are seeking a cold brewski. This is because the state’s attorney general is contemplating pulling Trump’s liquor licenses now that a jury has convicted him of all 34 felony counts in his now notorious hush money trial, Forbes reported Monday.

“Trump is the sole owner of three golf courses in New Jersey that have active liquor licenses, according to the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control,” the outlet reports. “New Jersey law prohibits issuing a liquor license to anyone who has been convicted of a crime ‘involving moral turpitude.’ A state handbook explains that those sorts of crimes typically involve ‘dishonesty, fraud or depravity’ severe enough to typically be punishable by more than a year in prison.”

“Dishonesty, fraud, or depravity,” yeah. Sounds like Trump, especially that depravity part. Who in their right mind keeps running for president while all this is going down? Oh, yeah, we are talking about Trump after all. I bet he regrets that much-discussed alleged fling with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. It’s brought him down spectacularly after Daniels revealed that she was paid to keep quiet.

Judge Juan Merchan scheduled sentencing for July 11, right before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where GOP leaders who have steadfastly supported Trump even after the verdict, will likely formally nominate him, per NJ.com.

This is almost comical if it isn’t also strangely unnerving. Will Trump be making his acceptance speech in an orange jumpsuit? Obviously, this judgment challenges voters to see just how loyal they are to the Orange one.

Are we having fun yet, kids? We have this nasty, awful human being hinging all of his hopes on becoming president again. In all the years I’ve been writing about history and politics I don’t believe I’ve come across anyone more vile than Trump. He really takes the cake here. And several Whoppers and maybe a few sides of fries.

What weird times we are living in. I hope New Jersey’s attorney general does suspend his liquor licenses. That will also hit him in the pocketbook. Which is the only he cares about.

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