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Trump’s Lawyer Fumes at the FBI for Daring to Search Barron’s ‘Peloton Room’

It’s not news that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 was extensive, even including Melania and Barron Trump’s rooms, since Donald Trump had access to both of these rooms. We know that Trump is capable of all kinds of things, including lying and perhaps, hiding evidence if it suits him.

However, at least one member of his legal team is out of sorts about it. Especially when it comes to agents searching the room where Barron kept his Peloton, reports say.

During a hearing in Fort Pierce, Florida, the former president’s legal team argued that the Mar-a-Lago raid was “unnecessary,” “overly broad,” and a violation of Trump’s Fourth Amendment rights, Newsweek reports.

This evidently shocked legal contributor and MSNBC correspondent Katie Phang, who was covering the case this week. She posted her thoughts on X.

“An are-you-kidding-me moment in today’s MAL classified docs hearing: Emil Bove, the lawyer for Trump, indignantly exclaims to Judge Cannon that while executing the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago, FBI agents searched the room where Barron Trump’s Peloton is located.”

According to other media reports, including the Courthouse News Service, focused on this comment in the framework of Bove’s argument that the warrant was allegedly “broad” and that led to FBI agents search Melania’s and Barron’s rooms and the exercise room as well.

“This was an enormous piece of property, we’re not talking about the search of a single-family home or of an apartment, Bove said on Monday.

“The government has to establish probable cause to search the areas that they’ve established in [the warrant].”

But prosecutor David Harbach refuted this, insisting that agents “didn’t go everywhere” on the property, only to places the warrant allowed. Melania and Barron’s bedrooms were included in the warrant because Trump had access to these rooms.

“There was some evidence that these boxes moved,” he said. “It would have been irresponsible for them not to search there.”

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, who typically brown-noses Trump, did something that’s entirely unusual for her. She managed to pull her head out of Trump’s a$$ long enough to note she didn’t find Team Trump’s argument convincing. She added she believed the warrant had been “particular enough” and asked his attorneys: “You’d agree that paperwork is the kind of thing that can be discovered anywhere?”

Cannon also heard the prosecution’s request to implement a gag order that prohibits Trump from verbally attacking FBI agents. I’m sure Trump will be as obedient as he has been with the other gag orders. His lawyers can pretend to be affronted by FBI agents searching Melania’s and Barron’s bedrooms if they wish, but we all know that even though Trump has small hands, his sticky fingers have a long reach.

Here’s what Katie Phang had to say below.

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