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Watch as a Liberal Actually Changes a MAGA Man’s Opinion at a Trump Rally

Who knew? Apparently, some MAGAtistas are capable of analytical thinking. Sort of.

One “America first” Republican, who originally sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but decided to listen to reason as to why it helps the U.S. to help Ukraine. The man in question decided to listen to journalist Adam Mockler, who explained why the U.S. benefits by helping Ukraine, BoingBoing reports.

Initially, the man, wearing the typical red MAGA hat was asked about the funding of Ukraine, he trotted out the usual MAGA party line, saying, “No, I don’t think that should happen…Because we need to take care of America first.” But then the clouds broke apart and the impossible happened.

The bearded, white-haired man contemplated what Mockler, who writes for MeidasTouch, had to say.

“I’d argue that funding Ukraine is exactly how we put America first. Because a lot of people think we’re sending cash bags, but we’re [*also] sending old military equipment, and after we send that military equipment, we get to create new American jobs to restock and re-pile that,” Mocklersaid.

“That’s, that’s a good point,” the Trumper said. But that’s not where things stopped.

The man said he still didn’t oppose Putin, saying the Russian dictator was only “trying to run his own country,” so Mockler then brought up another good point.

“It’s okay that he’s running his own country, but the problem is when he tries to invade other countries next to him. So we should protect our allies, essentially,” Mockler said to his nodding interviewee, who agreed.

“So to piece my argument together, we’re creating new American jobs, and in the process, we get to protect an ally, a sovereign country, Ukraine,” Mockler explained. “I think Vladimir Putin is a dictator. He’s a threat. He’s not a good guy. So I think we’re protecting America’s interest. I think this is exactly how we put America first. Can you see my point of view?”

And something rare happened, as the two talked during Trump’s Pennsylvania rally. Something that never occurs at a Trump rally. The red-capped senior concurred with what Mockler said.

“That is a very good point. That’s a good point.” And the clouds moved from his eyes, and he smiled kindly. “You’ve educated me a lot. I appreciate that.”

“Awesome,” Mockler said. “We’re both coming from the same point of view of putting America first.”

The man had one last question, though:

“How old are you?” Mockler told him he was 21, and the man responded: “You’re very wise for your age.”

I don’t know if this man still supports Trump, but it’s surprising to see one Trump supporter who is capable of some sort of reasoning. It will be nice if he stops supporting Trump but that remains to be seen. It’s kind of a shock that some of these people are capable of rational thought.

Now if some members of the GOP would listen, since so many are enraged that we are sending Ukraine funding. Perhaps they are not capable of the same reasoning as Mockler and the Trump supporter he talked to.

Here’s the clip of Mockler talking to the man below.

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