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Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene Get Booed Out of Virginia Rally Minutes After Arriving, ‘Get the F*ck Out of My State!’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene did not have a good day in Virginia on Thursday. She may have, in fact, given the shortest rally speech ever. She rolled into the Albemarle County rally in a bus bestowed with Trump memorabilia, accompanied by Trump-endorsed candidate John McGuire, who is running against another MAGA dude, Rep. Bob Good. But the situation went sideways as soon as Greene stepped off the bus shortly after 4:30 p.m. She was greeted with shouts of “Go Home!” and “No hate in our state,” Daily Progress reports.

And there was no way in Hades that this crowd was going to give up. Taylor Greene made a feeble attempt to shout right back by using a bullhorn but her efforts were no match for the angry crowd that drowned her out.

Greene may be a dimwitted shill for Trump, but apparently she understands when her goose is cooked and this was one definitely short pitstop. She and McGuire ditched the speeches they had planned and high-tailed it out of Dodge in a mere five minutes after they arrived. So, this could, in fact, be the shortest campaign pitstop ever. And this seems to be another Trump-endorsed campaign failure.

Before Greene stepped off the bus to give her soon-to-fail speech, she and McGuire spent several minutes holed up inside the bus as protesters held signs and booed them. Then the protesters decided the two needed a warmer welcome so they drew closer to the bus and let the verbal barbs fly.

“Are you having fun?” one protester yelled toward the bus. “You didn’t have to come here. You could have gone somewhere else.”

It may not have been such a great idea for these two to wind up in Albemarle County, which encompasses the city of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. It’s a reliably blue district inside the commonwealth, a place where Republicans are not looked on fondly. Especially if they are connected in any way to Trump.

Greene and McGuire walked across a small patch of grass on their way to a corner of the parking lot, briefly avoiding the protesters. But these folks weren’t gonna give up, no sirree. The crowd followed them. Greene was the first to enter the parking lot where she was greeted by a few cheers and many more jeers.

“Love you, girl,” yelled one lone supporter in the wilderness.

“F–k the fascists,” yelled a protester.

“A real Charlottesville welcome, bitch,” hollered one protester at Greene.

You have to really wonder why these two arch-conservatives and Trump loyalists would even stop in the middle of Biden Country. Seems to me that’s kind of like stepping into an ant nest and then wondering why you get bit. After all 66 percent of the vote went to Biden in 2020.

But then again, if that could have been the point, noted Kyle Kondik, director of communications at UVa’s Center for Politics.

“You almost wonder if that’s the reaction they wanted to get because that maybe makes news,” Kondik told The Daily Progress. “The whole point of those things is to get coverage.”

McGuire’s campaign really played it up on social media. Not long afterward, he took to Facebook where he posted an image of the goings-on and said he and Greene had “walked into the belly of the beast.”

But the only beast I’m aware of is Marjorie Taylor Greene. Congress really should have a cage for her, what with all her yelling and her constant disruptions.

No one seems to have taught this woman that there are consequences for her reactions and it’s time she learned.

Here’s a clip of the goings-on posted by Morgan J. Freeman. I think people should shout this woman down whenever possible.

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