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Could Trump Be Considering Divorcing ‘Menopausal’ Melania if He Wins? The Daily Beast Spells Out Why it’s a Major Possibility

This would be so in character for him.

This whole topic stems from an opinion piece from another site, but I thought I’d parse it a little bit for the readers of our site.

We’ve all known Donald Trump’s moral character for quite some time. He’s cheated on his taxes, on zoning laws, on rental restrictions, and on every wife he’s ever had, including his current one.

He attempted to cheat democracy itself after the 2020 election, even making a personal phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State to beg him to “find” the extra votes he’d need to win the Peach State.

During the 2016 campaign, it could say that he “cheated” while running by parading his beautiful wife around as the potential First Lady, despite all of the marital difficulties they’d already been through. They were certainly no Ozzie and Harriet.

In fact, he just got convicted of cheating in that election for real. He paid off the women he’d cheated on Melania with for their silence — 11 years after his affairs with them, just in time for the election.

The guy who delivered the checks to them testified that was the purpose of the payoffs.

Now, some are speculating that if Trump wins again with the help of a beautiful potential (and former) First Lady, his promises of “retribution” as president might include her. She has the power to control when and where she shows up during this campaign, and has done so on a couple of occasions.

But only when she feels like it.

And he has to pretend like he’s totally fine with her not accompanying him to other states, or even once showing up with him at one of his many court appearances. He calls her “very private” and insists she’ll be on the campaign trail with him soon.

If he wins, however, he no longer needs her. He’s likely embarrassed, as a life-long misogynist, to have to pretend to have a normal relationship at all. The Daily Beast also mentioned that Melania’s done her time, and Trump might want a young hottie, not a woman in menopause. They wrote, “Trump’s marriage to Ivana, the mother of his three eldest children, lasted about 15 years. His marriage to Marla Maples lasted less than five. Melania married Trump in 2005 so the 54-year-old former model has already put in 19 hard years. It’s also the first time that Trump has been married to a menopausal-aged woman.”

Ten years ago, Trump’s hero, Vladimir Putin, dumped his then-wife Lyudmila to literally openly be with his mistresses (yes, that’s plural). And although American culture is quite different than Russia’s, Trump acting like a dictator certainly hasn’t seemed to faze his supporters — could it be that divorcing Melania wouldn’t hurt his popularity at all, as Putin barely budged a percent in polls?

I am forced to agree with another journalist I read on this subject: If Trump decides she’s of no use to him anymore, she’d better hope that divorcing her is ALL he does to her.

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