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Did Trump or Biden Fart Onstage at 2024 Debate? Video Leaves People Shocked and Guessing Who Let One Rip!

Eww, the very idea of smelling Donald Trump’s fart makes me want to heave. Ugh, imagine smelling the inside of Trump colon? GAG. Well, that’s what people are currently talking about, believe it or not.

After Trump and Biden went head-to-head in the first 2024 presidential debate last week, social media users noticed a strange noise in one clip that was thought to be a fart.

In a viral video clip, the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist was discussing what he would do to help Americans who are addicted to opioids and trying to receive treatment, when one of the candidates seemed to let one rip. (Video is at the bottom)

In the comments section of the footage, the public fought over who they thought farted onstage. And if you know the rules of the debate, the guilty party might be obvious.

“I knew I heard it. Look at Joe’s face afterwards I think he pooped himself,” one user claimed, while another echoed, “Is it even possible to fart and talk at the same time??? So it has to be Biden!!!!”

Another person blamed Trump, noting, “Biden’s mic would have been muted. It would have been Trump.” Aha! Biden microphone was muted…so the audience wouldn’t have heard anything even if Biden did fart!

Following the debate, many people, including The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, did not hold back in his criticism of both Biden and Trump’s abysmal performances. Stewart began he statement, saying, “Let me just say after watching tonight’s debate, both of these men should be using performance-enhancing drugs.”

The comedian went on to say that the 78-year-old and the 81-year-old could both use some medication to help with the candidates’ clarity of thought, problem-solving abilities, truthfulness, and morality.

“And if those drugs don’t exist, if there aren’t actual performance-enhancing drugs for these candidates, I could sure use some recreational ones right now. Because this cannot be real life. It just can’t. We’re America!” he continued.

Stewart then showed a clip of Biden blanking out during the debate, to which he quipped, “Call the real estate agent in New Zealand.”

“Sure, it’s not something that repeated throughout the debate, causing Democrats across the country to either jump out of windows or vomit silently into the nearest recycling bin,” he added. “Anybody can f— up … talking. A lot of people have resting 25th Amendment face.”

Stewart then featured footage of Trump rambling during his performance, to which he said, “Everything that Donald Trump said in that clip is a lie … Blatant and full. And we were tight on time putting this thing together. There’s plenty more.”

During the debate, Biden addressed his age and mental faculties. “I know I’m not a young man,” he said, finally referencing the setback but vowing to stay committed to his duties as President.


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