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Horrifying New Ad Shows What Life Will Be Like if Trump’s Project 2025 Takes Place

The Lincoln Project has released a terrifying ad that luridly illustrates what will happen if Donald Trump becomes president. It should make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and if it doesn’t, well then you must be one of his robotically-minded supporters. If you’re not up and up on the GOP’s horrifying Project 2025 memo then you’d better at least familiarize yourself with the Cliff’s notes. It led one commenter who’d viewed the ad to comment “This isn’t fun to watch. It’s awful. God help America.”

The ad, called “Aftermath,” begins with Trump being sworn in on January 20, 2025, and the narrator intones “Unfortunately, he keeps his promises.”

And those promises, BoingBoing notes are hair-raising: arresting members of the January 6 commission, arresting Department of Justice employees, arresting Democratic governors who go against his commands, arresting any and all political opponents, keeping track of women’s menstrual cycles (wow, am I glad I’m out of that game), mandating a national abortion ban, “turning millions of American-born citizens into illegal aliens overnight,” mandating a Christian National curriculum for schools nationwide…And the list plows on, and even suggests Trump will run again in 2028 after kvetching, once again, that 2020 was an unfair election and thus doesn’t count.

“If you hear all this and believe it isn’t possible,” the narrator says, “then ask yourself, what did you believe was impossible just eight years ago?” BoingBoing writer Carla Sinclair wistfully says “If only this were a trailer for a new dystopian Netflix series rather than an all-too-possible near future.”

Here’s the Lincoln Project clip below. But be forewarned that it really is disturbing. What’s even worse, is this is a 920 published by the Heritage Foundation, a notoriously anti-LGBTQ+ hate group. So what else is in this hysterical screed that we don’t know about yet?

And before you say Trump knows nothing about Project 2025, he knows all about it, and is counting the days until he’s the King of America.

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