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MAGA Gays Are Sad Because They Feel They Are Being Left Out of LGBTQ Movement

Gee, I wonder why.

If a woman voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders, then a person who identifies as LGBTQ voting for Trump must be something akin to a tree voting for clear-cutting America.

We already knew that there were people in that community who support Trump — not just Trump, but Republicans in general. But that was mostly based on traditional conservative politics like lower taxes and limited government.

But just like we’ve been arguing this entire time, LGBTQ are just like us. They don’t eat “gay” breakfast, they just have breakfast. Maybe you like waffles and they like pancakes, but you put syrup on both.

And because they’re just normal people, that means at least a small cross-section of them are going to be pro-Trump. I know it seems counterintuitive, but I swear it’s been but a few days since my partner had a client in her salon chair who was sweet as pie and had a “Women for Trump” sticker on her car.

We’re hearing about this more NOW because they’re starting to voice their frustration at the fact that they’re a minority inside a minority. They’re actually confused as to why their partner might want to leave them after finding out they support a guy who, in his very first year in office, proved he was lying the whole time when he campaigned on being an ally.

LGBT conservatives say they don’t have a place in the gay rights movement today.

He tried to reinstate a ban on transgender people from serving in the military almost immediately. He appointed anti-LGBTQ judges. He instructed his federal lawyers to take the anti-LGBTQ positions in court cases like bakeries refusing to serve gays and court clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even though it had been federally legal for them to marry since 2015.

He even refused to recognize Pride Month. After standing at a podium during his campaign HOLDING A PRIDE FLAG.

“When Trump won, my husband was so upset he wanted me out of our apartment. The rage was unexplainable — I mean honest rage. I could not understand this emotion in him and why anyone would let a political vote destroy or nearly destroy a marriage,” Mark Dorman told the New York Post.

The reason is because you weren’t disagreeing over politics, you were disagreeing over morals.

If you’re going to argue that you’re just like heterosexual cis people and then vote for a man whose morals don’t line up with that position, you’re not arguing about politics.

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