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Trump Launches Cryptic Islamophobic Attack on Biden and We All Know Exactly What He’s Saying

This is asinine.

For as much as Donald Trump has flip-flopped on political positions throughout his life, there’s always been a running theme. He’s a racist and a xenophobe.

What do I mean he’s flip-flopped? Well, take the fact that he was once good friends with the Clintons, even inviting them to his wedding to Melania. Or the fact that he donated primarily to Democrats while living in New York, a notoriously blue state. He used to be pro-choice.

He even gave money to Kamala Harris’ campaign to be California’s Attorney General just ten years ago.

But the racism and xenophobia has lasted his entire life. He was convicted and fined for redlining his housing against black renters 50 years ago. After the Central Park Five were exonerated by DNA evidence, he continued to insist they were guilty.

He ran his entire 2016 campaign on the idea that Mexicans were rapists and Muslims should be banned from entering the country.

So when President Biden posted a message to the Islamic community to wish them a happy new year, Trump pounced in the subtlest of ways.

“Jill and I wish a Happy Islamic New Year to all families who celebrate. May the arrival of the 1446 Hijri New Year bring you love, peace, and prosperity.” That’s all Biden message on X said. Just a nice greeting.

And we know that Trump likes to do his holiday wishes and tack on “even to the haters and losers,” because he’s just a jerk.

But all he did this time was just post a screencap of Biden’s tweet to his Truth Social account. He didn’t even need to say a word. The implication there, of course, was that his true fans would hear him saying, “SEE? This guy loves the Muslims!”

It took off fast. One of the first responses was from a follower who suggested Biden’s social media must be run by “Hamas Interns.”

The response was ALL positive for the former president, though. One Trump fan wrote, “As a Muslim and a Trump supporter, there shouldn’t be any issue wishing us well.”

This is just like when he lied about seeing Muslims celebrating in the streets on 9/11 — instead, the disgusting activity from back then was when he walked a reporter through the debris and bragged about how he now had the tallest building in Manhattan.

Trump’s already promised to bring back the Muslim ban, so this dog-whistle politics isn’t fooling anyone.

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