Melania Trump Was ‘Shocked’ To Learn That Africa Has ‘Tremendous Poverty’ During Her First Overseas Trip

First lady Melania Trump went on her first solo trip abroad in early October. Melania spent several days in Africa earlier this month. Her trip included stops in Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, and Ghana. The president praised his wife’s trip in typically hyperbolic terms.

President Trump, speaking to reporters, said, “The First Lady did a tremendous job representing our country in Africa – like no one has before.” He continued, “She got to know firsthand the people of Africa and they loved and respected her everywhere she went.” Trump added, “Melania told me about her trip in great detail and I’m so proud of the job she’s doing on behalf of children everywhere. She works so hard and does it all out of love.”

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham in the White House on Monday, the president once again discussed his wife’s trip to Africa. After Ingraham discussed the president’s favorite topics, the migrant “caravan,” the midterm elections and his potential 2020 presidential opponents, Ingraham asked the president about the first lady. She asked, “How’s Melania doing?”

President Trump replied, “She’s doing fantastically, really good. She’s doing a great job. Just got back from Africa.” He added, “And she saw some things that were very eye-opening and tremendous poverty. Tremendous poverty. So we’re trying to help.” The president left it at that. He did not explain any furth what measures his administration might take to try “to help” the “tremendous poverty” on the continent of Africa.

While on her trip Melania talked about her experience visiting a slave trading fort. She said, “I will never forget [the] incredible experience and the stories I heard.” She continued, “The dungeons that I saw, it’s really something that people should see and experience.” She added, “it’s very emotional.” During her visit, the first lady also visited a hospital, and read to and sang with children.



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