Ted Cruz Lashes Out at Jim Carrey Over Painting of Alabama Governor Being Aborted: ‘This is Not OK!’

Senator Ted Cruz is ripping Jim Carrey over the comedian’s latest provocative painting, this one in protest of Alabama’s controversial new abortion law.

The bill out of Alabama — which restricts abortion almost to the point of a total ban, even for cases of incest and rape — has faced massive bipartisan scrutiny for the last few days.

Carrey decided to express his views on the matter with a painting of Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, and a suggestion on Twitter that she ought to have been aborted.

Cruz has voiced his displeasure with Carrey’s paintings in the past, and on Monday, he called the actor’s latest work a prime example of how the Left has become “vicious, angry & consumed by hate.”

The graphic tweet was met with an online backlash from social media users who said Carrey was suffering from poor mental health.

“Wow…Get help,” tweeted one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user asked: “Are you okay…??”

“Not for a while now,” responded another Twitter user.

Liz Wheeler, a conservative commentator, tweeted: “Thank you for the truly accurate (and therefore horrifying) portrayal of abortion… sucking out the brains of a PERSON because that person is inconvenient to you.”

“You blessed the pro life movement with this.”

Lauren Surratt tweeted: “This should be the end of your twitter activity. Period.”

“If anyone else would have posted it, they would be deactivated.”

Shireen Qudosi tweeted: “This is an incredibly vile illustration. Someone who is truly woke, and has achieved a higher level of spiritual enlightenment, has expanded their consciousness, WOULD NOT ever produce this.”

What do you think…did Carrey go too far??


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