Reporter Begs People to Watch Her New Melania Documentary — It Doesn’t Go Well

Kate Bennett is a reporter for CNN and she covers the First Lady beat. She covered Michelle Obama and had Hillary Clinton won, Bennett would’ve covered Bill Clinton as first spouse.

So, it’s not really her fault she has to cover Melania Trump.

On Monday Bennett tweeted about her documentary, “Melania Trump – Woman of Mystery,” which will air on Friday, June 14th.

Bennett said, “Hi. Please tune in to the FLOTUS documentary I worked hard on. It airs Friday, 6/14 at 9p and 1a on CNN.”

As you can imagine, it didn’t go over very well.

CNN is a left-leaning news organization, and the people that watch it do not particularly care for Melania Trump. And let’s be honest, why would anyone? What has Melania Trump done besides cause controversy around her poor fashion choices?

Take a look:


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