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Trump Was Caught Sweating Like a Pig Today and Twitter Has Serious Questions

Donald Trump departed the White House on Friday morning for a pair of fundraisers in New York, as well as a ten-day vacation at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Trump responded to reporter questions on the White House south lawn, where he railed against Hollywood for making a movie about “Liberal elites” hunting deplorables. (Not gonna lie, movie looks pretty dumb.)

But what many astute Twitter users saw on Friday was that Trump was sweating…like A LOT.

And at 9:30am in Washington DC, it was about 83 degrees so yeah, maybe a little toasty, but not sweat-like-a-pig hot.

I mean, look at this slob:

Look at that wet upper lip! He was only outside for 5 minutes!!!

Of course, Twitter had a field day:


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