Trump is Intimidated by Justin Trudeau’s Good-Looks Because He’s an ‘Orange Fat Blob’: Anthony Scaramucci

Former White House Communications Director — and the newest never-Trumper — Anthony Scaramucci took a particularly personal shot at Donald Trump last Friday during a chat with Yahoo Finance Canada at the Toronto Global Forum.

Scaramucci has gone from full-throated supporter of Trump to a cable news pundit who seems to look for new ways to slam Trump in new and increasingly insulting ways.

In this instance, the “Mooch” compared the body types of 73-year-old Trump to that of 47-year-old Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. From the Yahoo Finance Canada report:

Scaramucci praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for how he’s handled Trump, accusing the president of being intimidated by Trudeau.

“Trudeau is a good looking young guy and the president is like a fat blob, and looks disgusting,” Scaramucci says.

Scaramucci says Trump bullies people because he has the “self esteem of a pigeon.” He also says Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has done a very good job during trade talks.

When asked about Canada as a place to invest, Scaramucci says it’s attractive for a variety of reasons, including trade deals with G7 partners, stable politics and better income equality.

Trump has called Scaramucci an “unstable nut job” who was too incompetent to last even two weeks in government service.

Scaramucci has predicted that Trump will withdraw from the Republican nomination

The “Mooch” has fired back by calling the president a malignant racist who is unfit to run the U.S. even in the midst of an economic boom.

“He is tearing at the racial and social fabric of society and so whatever good is happening on the policy side, and many of those business policies I agree with, you’re tearing and you’re ripping apart the social fabric of the society,” he said.



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