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Op-ed Claims That Melania Will Leave a ‘Great Legacy as First Lady’ — Let’s Take a Look at That

The Hill published an op-ed [1] claiming that Melania Trump will leave a great legacy as First lady.

Are you done laughing?

Ok, let’s take look at this.

The op-ed is written by Anita McBride, who was the chief of staff for Laura Bush.

The op-ed is mainly about former First Lady Pat Nixon, and the author tries to compare Nixon to Trump. But the author clearly says, “it is too early to measure the full impact of the work of Melania Trump.”

In fact, read the op-ed and tell me what exactly is the point of this op-ed? What exactly has Melania done that will leave her with a good legacy?

Because quite frankly, what has she done?

Melania’s platform is called “Be Best” and its purpose was helping children be the best they can be. Ok, that’s fine.

The first lady’s initiative initially aimed to focus on addressing three main “pillars”: well-being, social media usage, and opioid abuse among children. The initiative almost immediately faced criticism for its focus on cyberbullying within the pillar of social media usage. It seemed at odds with Donald Trump’s Twitter usage. The president frequently uses Twitter to criticize his political opponents and gives them derisive nicknames on social media.

The name “Be Best” caused some laughs, with Melania’s best friend telling her the name made her sound illiterate [6].

Most of the initiative’s work has focused on raising awareness of the issues within its pillars, rather than specific policy solutions. Last March, Melania Trump chaired an interagency White House working group that sought to learn about ways to implement the Be Best priorities through the federal government.

But let’s also look at some other accomplishments of the First Lady.

First, she took her sweet time moving to the White House. I mean, I get it. Her son was in school, and she didn’t want to move and disrupt his life. But that decision cost the taxpayer dearly. Her flights alone cost the taxpayers $675,000 [7].

In October 2018, she spent $100K at on hotels [8] in Egypt…and didn’t even spend the night. But, she got a good photo shoot out of it!

She did the same thing in Canada, but spent even more [9]…and again, didn’t even spend the night!

Melania fully supported Brett Kavanaugh [10], even though everyone knows the man is a sexual abuser.

Who can forget when Melania claimed she’s the most bullied person [11] in the world??

How about when Melania spent taxpayer money to fly to vacation [12] in Florida, even though her husband shut the government down?

Or how about during the Stormy Daniels fiasco when she fled to Mar-a-Lago to go the spa [13], again, costing the American taxpayer big bucks?

Ugh, and that jacket [14]. “I don’t really care, do u?”

She changed the name of the White House [15] from “The People’s House” to “The President’s House.”

Melania committed a big faux pas [16] while attending the D-Day ceremonies in Europe.

There is even rumor that she doesn’t even live in the White House [17], instead living in Maryland with Barron and her parents.


Yeah, Melania Trump will leave a legacy, but it won’t be a good one.

Remember, Melania is a birther [18], just like her rotten husband. Remember her for that.