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Barr and Trump Try to Save Roger Stone While Melania’s Furious — Believing Stone Released Nude Pics of Her

Yeah, this is normal, happens in every White House

It could not happen to a better threesome. Um, perhaps a poor choice of words. Donald Trump and Barr’s attempts to “free” Roger Stone from at least the most punitive measures in his criminal prosecution might serve Trump’s political needs, as well as symbolize Trump’s ultimate transcendence to dictatorship. But it may cause some disloyalty in the home.

A type of scandal that most White Houses ably avoid has set-in within this White House, of course, most First Ladies have little trouble (or worry) about who released their nude pictures.

It was reported back in December, as well as in drips since then, that Melania Trump blames Roger Stone for leaking nude pictures of her. These reports regarding Stone are not new, just newly relevant:

Melania Trump suspects Roger Stone, a longtime ally and adviser to Donald Trump, of being behind the release of nude photos from her modelling past, a new book claims.

It would be entirely fair to point out that “nude photos from a modeling past” tend to indicate that the pictures were taken with the express purpose that  someone outside her husband and … any other “friend” might see them. Indeed, the word “model shoot” infers that they might have been intended for a wider audience.

Of course, that would not mean that the plans changed as it looked like Melania might enter a different phase in her life beyond trophy wife to a repugnant sexist and serial assaulter of women. Once the possibility of “first lady” entered the equation, there likely would be a desire to keep a lid on the pics which … likely were out in public anyway.

Regardless, Melania believes Stone has his hand in the more current release. That is a bad spot for Trump, who is currently undertaking shockingly new unethical moves to intervene and do Roger Stone a huge favor, which makes one wonder what other pictures Stone might have – and, no, that is not a joke. We know where Trump has been and who his “friends” once were.

None of which will make Melania happy, though it sure appears that she’s been quite unhappy with Donald for a long time:

In the book, Free, Melania, CNN correspondent Kate Bennett also writes that the first lady “still refuses to believe” her husband played a role in the release. Bennett also adds to reports that the president and first lady keep separate bedrooms at the White House.

Melania also seems hopelessly out of her depth, which isn’t necessarily an insult to her, after all, she’s a rather unsophisticated woman without a college degree who posed nude and accompanied rich men around, doing what she did well enough to qualify for an Einstein visa.

“Melania has not commented on how she thinks they got into the hands of the tabloid and on to the cover, but friends say she still refuses to believe Trump would do that to her. As for Stone, she’s not so sure.”

We can assure her that it doesn’t matter how they got on the cover, we can tell her exactly why they did. Her “husband” needed a different scandal, or topic, and among Trump’s base, it likely only increased Trump’s standing to be taking advantage of his knuckle dragging base to by letting them salivate of his naked wife.

What we’re left with is Melania once again considering the place of dirty trickster Roger Stone and why Trump is more loyal to Stone than to her.

It really isn’t a mystery to us. Trump is a decade overdue in moving on the next younger wife, he’s just held back by political reality – at least on the marriage part. Thus there is likely little spark between the two, only deep resentments, the most corrupt people in politics, and a husband that will do literally anything, throw overboard literally anyone, to “win.”

I don’t care, do u?


Peace, y’all


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