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Emanuel Macron Stands and Delivers the World’s Message to Pompeo/Trump: ‘You’re LYING!’

Someone had to do it...

Yesterday we chronicled how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo humiliated himself at a security conference in Munich by standing and speaking before a crowd, extolling how the “West has won” (in a nutshell), discussing the fantastic economy, that authoritarianism was confined to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, conspicuously leaving out the United States in his list, and essentially declaring the United States as the strongest its ever been, all under the leadership of Donald Trump.

He paused. Waiting for applause.


Yes, we already reported such, earlier.

We did not know it would get better. One of the three-headed Trump nemesis, the Trudeau, Macron and Merkel triumvirate, took to the stage, this time Emmanuel Macron.

Macron is nobody’s fool, and was not about to rely upon American “anything” given the faker that leads the United States: Summarized here.

The US was undergoing “a rethink of its relationship with Europe”, Macron said, strengthening his belief that the continent had to take charge of its own destiny.

“We need a European strategy that renews us and turn us into a strategic political power,” he said.

“Given that we cannot rely upon the deadbeat across the water,” Macron did not go on to say, but damn well could have.

One of the key areas of division concerns the United States’ demands that Europe limit the incursion of the 5G Chinese company Huawei, due to American concerns that the Chinese can use the infrastructure for strategic spying.

Gone are the days that the United States could dictate the decision Europeans would make with respect to infrastructure and potential adversaries. At this point, given Trump’s cozy and coy relationship with Russia – Europe’s chief adversary, one might speculate that Europeans are just as concerned about American potential for strategic spying against Europe on behalf of Russia. Macron kept Europe’s options open.

But key allies including Britain and France have resisted the pressure so far, agreeing to impose restrictions without going so far as to ban the company.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged Europeans to make “an independent and wise choice” while providing “a fair business environment for all companies.

This is the aspect of Trump administration “leadership” that won’t go touted at the Republican convention, and in Trump commercials on the campaign trail. The loss of American respect, dignity and trust around the globe will cost Americans. The “America first, and fk-you if you don’t like it” sounds great to the MAGA-heads, but is a loser in long term interests that have served this country well, along with keeping the peace in Europe since 1945.

It is for that reason that the US has largely abdicated its leadership of the West to, well – the triumvirate. China has emerged as the world’s most “trusted” superpower, despite wretched human rights abuses (we have our own), but the most trusted “first world consensus” right now is some combination of economic powers Canada, France and Germany.

They let Pompeo know it, with dead silence, and then a shot across the bow. Doubtful that the administration will hear it, or care.

Too bad. It took four generations to build the goodwill that made the U.S. the leader of the free world. It may take only one term to bring it all toppling down. The silence is deafening.


Peace, y’all


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